Gao Yuanyuan are always together with Longchamp bags.

  When the TV play of “We’re married” had been broadcast,the heroine Gao Yuanyuan is really married.If you like her,you mustn’t strange with the cheap Longchamp bags that are always together with her,and Shop for the bags with confidence.In addition to this,the TV play is so hot that it had high audience rating.In the TV player,she dressed up just like a few dozen show and her career modeling also due to his bags.Among them,the roomy capacity,shopping and all match belongs to her favorite Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir.

 The Gao Yuanyuan had deduced the serial of discount Longchamp bags for guaranteed authentic in the play.She played a role of white collar,though she was not so smart but absolute seductive.Foe example,she used the gold and light chain bags,which is very generous and lady.What’s more,the Python lather folding of Longchamp Le Pliage is very suitable for her.

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  We can say that Gao Yuanyuan is the perfect brand ambassador in China.Whatever in the TV play or street shot.She always carries the Longchamp bags.In the play,Yao Tao gain perfect love and Gao Yuanyuan also married the handsome boy,Zhao Youting.So I am very admire her beautiful love.I have to believe the Longchamp bags that she carried can give her nice love.Another,the camel dumpling bags has the high rate appearance in her street shot.It’s said that she have different sizes and colors bags.She always wears in a fashion way and then match the bags,so we can say she is a master street.With the simple single product,wearing the concise and generous style.It was so charming and many ladies all want to close to her.She said to reporter that she bought this bags all in Longchamp outlet store,which has fast delivery and good service.And I suggest that we can do like this like her.

    Gao Yuanyuan also said the Longchamp always belongs to her favorite brand,which is the perfect combination of fine art and cultural heritage.She also used different series bags in public occasion.She also said she is very suitable for the temperature of this bags,which features the female vigor and pursue art and fashion .Just the president said “It is a way of live and is a continue development brand.”So the Gao Yuanyuan always want to breakthrough herself just like the different series bags.Besides loving the fashion culture,but also has her special style,so she is always the focus whatever she goes.In 2012,the Longchamp launched an upgraded version of a small folding bags.Comparing the traditional bags,it’ s more softer and texture.

  Nowadays,there is a personality service in Longchamp sale online  shop,which has safe shipping and friendly returns for you.Even though you can customization your color,type of your bags.Further,you can also carve your name in it.It’s so convenient and personality,it’s no doubt that many stars all love it!

How to use Longchamp bags in a correct way when you climbing?

  If you have outdoor activities and need a backpack with you.I am believed that the Longchamp backpack must be your necessity.Especial when you have the long time outdoor activities.You need to prepare goods reasonable and then sort them.Only you use the cheap Longchamp bags will you make the outdoor activities success.

  But how to use the Longchamp backpack correctly,it’s a problem for the amateur of outdoor activities.If you use the discount Longchamp bags in a correct way,it can reduce your burden on the outdoor.Furthermore,it also takes care of your own travel.

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  Step one:Pack your Longchamp backpack.

  Lots of people will be disorganized when they pack their luggage.The most important is that you shouldn’t put lots of things into your backpack.So the luggage must be simplfied to reduce the burdern and pressure on your journey.Then what should we do to sort it out?First of all,you must plan to list items and sort them in the packback.The most important is that you can put the things on the bottom of the bags that can’t use in a short time.In addition to this,it can save lots of space and time for you.Another,you can put the heavy things in the upper part of the backpack,such as the tents,water,fruits and some other pots that you may be use.This way is to improve the weight of the backpack.

  Step 2:Back backpack.

  It’s true that the Longchamp backpack will be on our backs for lopng time if we are in outdoor acvities.But if you can’t master the good method to back bachpack,it will be a large burdern for your journey.Anhd how to reduce the big burdern is also a big lore.If your Longchamp backpack are very heavy,you can choose put it into your knee and the shoulder straps that facing to yourself.As the right hand through the right hand side of the strap,and put forth your strength to turn back the bags on your shoulder.Next,you can through the other hand easily and finally fastener button of the backpack.In addition to this,you must taut belt.Only in this way can you share weight and stress to your waist.And the stress of shoulder and back can be reduced.

  Step three:How to maintain the Longchamp backpack when you are in the outdoor activities?

  Firstly,If the bags are too dirty,you can use dry cleaning and then place them in the shade.But you mustn’t exposure them too long time,which the UV will harm them.Another,if you want to clean the bags,but it’s difficult to find clean water to clean it.I suggest that you can brush with some alochol,which can be very clean.Secondly,you should avoid touching the sharp branches and stones with your Longchamp backpack.You should note that the mice and some animals bite the bags.Perhaps you can say it’s a inevitable thing to happen,but you can reduce these things to a minimum.Finally,you can’t put lots of things into your Longchamp backpack,which will make them deformation easily.And the durability of the material is also greatly reduced.Of course,you can maintain the bags in the Longchamp outlet store when you finish your tour.

  Travel,a Longchamp shoulder bags in hand,which is convenient and practical. You can also consult in the Longchamp sale online shop.

The details of Longchamp sale online shopping.

The cheap Longchamp bags is a popular bag of relative low price.As the entry section of nylon bags,its price is three digits.Even if the leather bags,the most important price is about 7000 yuan,besides the limited edition.This brand of the bag,which relies on its top design and reasonable price.I had bought lots of Longchamp bags in the Longchamp sale online shop.Having so many experiences of buying these kinds of the bags,I summary some items of the notes for buying bags.

A:I want to know the color of Longchamp bags?

B:There are 12 colors of Longchamp bags,among them,there are 6 regular color and 6 season color.There are launched the season colors twice a year,and it’s white in summer and spring,it’s black in winter and fall.And it often obsoletes one color at the end of the year.And my favorite red is obsoleting.So there are the 5 colors regular colors.which can be sold for more than 2 year.Maybe you can’t buy the sold out color in China,but you can buy it in the French discount village.In there,you will like its newest color and the lower price.So,if you can’t find the sold out color,you can consult the discount village and purchasing time.Because sometimes,it’s difficult to buy the hot color and many shops are out of stock.

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A:And then what about the Limit edition of discount Longchamp bags?

B:there are always the limited edition every year in Longchamp outlet store,such as the limited edition of Valentines’ Day.Maybe you can’t buy them in the March,but you can buy it in July or August in other countries,which have the discount hat’s more,there are the limits of new year,seasonal restrictions and cooperative styles.But it’s quite different between the limited edition and sold out colors.The sold out colors means it will no out off stock due to limit time.But the limited edition means it don’t limit time,but for the amounts.So,it’s very difficult to buy it if these kinds of the bags are sold out!Further,you must know the bags better if you want to buy one.For example,there are only two colors of limited edition of Valentines’ Day in 2015,which is the pink and green.They are all coming from France,but it’s a little expensive than the common price.For example,the long and small Longchamp nylon bags is about the 700 yuan as the common style price.But it’s 950 yuan as the Valentines’ Day limited edition.But if you buy the bags in other ares,you must pay attention to cheat.

A:Is it very expensive?

B:I like the Longchamp bags which price is nearly the same as the official price all over the world.Now.there is a contrast of price of the official website for you.

From the chart,we can know the most cheap is France.Its price is about the 26% off China.But the price can be changeable when it comes to the tax,exchange rate,postage and some factors.

I know that you must want to buy a cheap Longchamp bags in the online shop.By comparing with so many official websites,I offer the website of for you.I had bought lots of bags in it,I real feel its bags are quite nice than others bags’ website..

The collocation of bags’ modeling.

  In my opinion that it’s very important to choose suitable cheap Longchamp bags to collocate our modeling.To some degree, it can add some points for your whole modeling.But if you choose a wrong bag,it’s not only add points for your modeling,but also make your whole so ugly.So the ladies are not only very pay attention to the costume,but also the collocation of the bags.So today,I will tell you something about how to choosing a bag that suitable for your style.I hope these details will give you some ideas to the daily collocation.

   Firstly,let’s talk about the same color echoes.The rules of the same color echoes are very easy to master.That is to say,the color of your bag is the same as your costume,which make the bag blends in your whole collocation naturally.But it needn’t to emphasize,it will be natural.The same color echoes are including theses kinds.For the first,the color of the bag is the same as the coat.The bag as a continuation of upper part of the body.Which will be very harmonious with the vision.For the second one,the color of the bag is the same as the shoes,which many stars like to collocate like this.Especially when it echoes with the shoes,which will be lively but not messy.And the black bag match the black shoes is very popular.Besides that,the color of red,brown,white are very common in the street.The most extreme is the color of the bag is the same as your whole,which will become the strong gas field.In addition to this,the collocation of the whole same color is my favorite style.Which will make me more stylish.


   Secondly,as for the nearly color collocation,if the two similar color in chromatography collocation are together,it belongs to the similar color collocation.This collocation not so dull and too conspicuous.For example, if you match the blue bags with the light blue shirt and combine the same color collocation,it’s also the blue and white clothes with the color of blue and white.If it’s the two similar color,I suggest you match the blue with the green.But sometimes,the two colors will make you refuse to tell them.


   If you buy a steady bags in Longchamp sale online shop,which is suitable for the office workers,it’s the color of black,coffee or darker pattern.Considering the white collars need the wear the formal suit,and they often wear the color of black,white,coffee or some darker.So they should choose the distinctive style when they choose the style of details of the bags.Which will add more points for them.But it’s a common phenomenon that a cute bags are very popular with the girls.Because these kinds of the bags are have the features of fashionable,cute and various.Which the majority of the girls can choose by them own.But these kinds of the bags are suitable for the lively,lovely,outgoing or open girls.Whatever any seasons,it’s suitable for them to use.You don’t need to match the bags because it’s cute enough.

     If you buy your favorite bag in Longchamp outlet store,you will be very happy.At this time,you can follow the rules of collocation by matching the bright bags with the light clothes or match the darker bags with the light clothes,which will draw attention to others.I think many ladies had been in the way of buying the bags just like me.If you buy the discount Longchamp bags,you must know how to match them.In fact,you only need to master the collocation rules that given above,you will be not worry about the problem of collocation any longer.

Penetrating your characters by your bags.

Nowadays,the cheap Longchamp bags is not only the good ending of decoration,but also the epitome of lie.If they don’ have the bag,maybe they go outside will be afraid or shy.The psychologist had said that it’s just like the body language of carrying a bag for ladies.Virtually,it will expose their secrets of characters.As a fashionable lady,we always carry a bag wherever we go.Different characters ladies will take different bags.So we can guess their characters and likes.

The ladies who like the big discount Longchamp bags,usually they are give others the feelings of independence.These kinds of the people are more pay attention to practical.They carry the big bag just like the briefcase.And once they have the bag,they seldom change it.But the most shortcoming is that they are lake of the safe security and independence.They always care about everything and should master everything,only in this way can they will be relax.However,these kinds of the ladies are usually kind,interesting, outgoing and decent.When they solve some though things, they can calm down and face it very bravely.Sometimes, they are eager to gain the acceptance of others.Another the ladies who like the brand bags,especially for the ladies who can know it’s the luxury and famous bag for the first sight.We can conclude that the lady must be like the delicate decoration in her daily life.To some degree,they must be have the aesthetic.What’s more,we can also to say they use bag to assure their statue and value by substances.And they are not easy to control by others.


The ladies who like the leisure Longchamp sale bags ,their work usually have some big challenges.And the work is very free which can dominate by themselves.Because of this situation and their inherent characters,they are more enjoy the life than some common people.They are more optional about the attitude life.They don’t strict with themselves and are more inclined to be optimistic.They have the enterprise and can arrange their work clearly.So these kinds of the people will gain some achievements.The ladies who like the delicate bags,they are usually belongs the pure girls.Generally speaking,they are inexperienced.But when they become a adult,they also choose theses kinds of the bag,we only to say they have the attitude of optimistic.They are very eager for the future,too.

The ladies who like hutch bags,they are very strong,efficient and more outgoing.Another,the ladies who like rich and national bags or some feature of local bags,their self-awareness are very strong and a egoist.Their personality are very standout which have the different dressing and ideas than some others.But sometimes their attitude are quite different with others,so they are not get along with others.

For some ladies,Longchamp outlet is the necessity of their daily life and a valuable decoration.It’s very important for you to choose a bag.Whatever what bag you choose,it can show your personal characters.Once,the psychologist had also said whatever how changes the fashion,a lady may be preference some type bag or use some bags.In detail,the outsiders will penetrate your characters by your bags.

How to match bags according to your clothing?

With the development of era,the Longchamp Handbags has become the elegant element,its luxury and value is a element of fashion.It meet ladies’ requirement of looking for beauty When it comes to the bags,you will be not feel strange to it for ladies.It’s the necessity bags in ladies’ daily life.But if you want to be fashion insider,you should know how to carry many kinds of bags which could match your clothes.It’s true that you will match your clothes by different bags.Yes,it’s the dreamy things for every ladies to match every clothes,but you shouldn’t have lots of money.So having a fashionable and all-matched Discount Longchamp Bags are very important.

In my opinion, you can carry a Longchamp Sale bag on the side of your shoulder, and maybe you regard it as simple and freedom.But now I have some ideas about to carry bags which could match your clothes.As for the first collocation match, you  can collocation the black sweater and brown leather jacket with white long pants and bags.The personal reason of the collocation is the black sweater match the brown leather coat and White pants, which is warm and fashionable, especially add the personal bags, you will very charming.As for the second collocation match, you can match the long overcoat with boots and bags.The reason of Collocation the is the black overcoat match the boots will make you more when slim.And you match the black bags it looks more practical and fashionable.As for the third collocation you can match the White shirt and black leather pants with black short boots and blue nags, The reason of the collocation is that the black shirt match the black leather pants and woolen overcoat, which is warm and capab Le.Also, it matches the blue bags it, will be more attractive.


As for the fourth collocation,you can match the black sweater and plaid overcoat with dark blue jeans , personal bags and black boots.The reason of the collocation is the black sweater match plaid overcoat and dark blue jeans,which is warm and slim.In the meantime,when you match a personal bags and a pair of black boots.It’s more catch people’s eyes.As for the fifth collocation,you can match gray T-shirt and white dress with black high heel and white bags.The reason of collocation is that the white bags is simple and all-match, the white dress and gray T-shirt is very fresh.Finally,you can also match printed dress with green bags.The reason of the collocation is that it very bright and stylish.

As far as I am concerned,the Longchamp Outlet is not only ladies’ friends,but also to show their statue.No matter what the bags are,if you know how to match the bags ,you will never afraid of yourself style.So you will no longer admire others ‘ bag style.I always believe that there is no ugly woman,if you learn something about matching and dressing yourselves,you will be more confident and fashionable,especially when you know how to carry your bags in every occasion.