Note These Details Of Longchamp Bags

I am a girl who entered the society at first,and I have no enough money.I always want to buy a practical and durable bag.Then my friends introduces cheap Longchamp bags for me.But I don’t buy any this kind of the bag,so I don’t know which style and color should I choose.Out of curiosity,I try to buy it.Finally,I found it’s real a nice bag.Once,I am regret that why I didn’t buy this one in my during college. Because it’s real durable and the cost performance is high.

To my personal, I recommend the middle and long handle dumpling bags. Because the mall size can’t put enough things, the large one is a little ugly and the short handle is inconvenient to carry. Further, I also recommend the backpack for you. Because it’s easy to carry, but it also can’t enough things into it and you need to care about its shape and in order to prevent deformation. However, their price are very suitable for students and it’s color is very rich in Longchamp sale shop. Yeah, at the beginning, I will think this kind of the bag will be a little ugly and it’s not delicate. What’s more, it just like the shopping bags. But it’s real portable and practical. Now, let’s talk about the bags following.

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When it comes to its quality, you must be sure it’s the genuine bag. Which is durable and practical. Also, you need to care about the metal is good and don’t fade. And the stitching is complete. Furthermore, the longer you use it, the more softer the shoulder strap. Of course, there are many kinds bags. The most famous bag is the Longchamp dumpling bags. Though it’s made from nylon, it has the good material and is not easy to deformation. And it will be ok of you wash them. Inside the discount Longchamp bags, there is the waterproof layer. According to the color of the bag, the color of waterproof is also different. The hardware is very delicate and it will keep its brightness even though you had used it for some years.

What a killer when it comes to its size and type. Longchamp nylon dumpling bags come in three sizes. They are divided into large, medium and small. The styles include long handles and short handles to meet the needs of different people. The small size with short handle is 21*21*14 cm, the medium size with short handle is 30*28*20 cm, the large size with short handle is 45*35*23 cm, the small size with long handle is 25*25*14 cm, long The medium handle is 31*30*19 cm. There are many styles of Longchamp bags, among which the most practical size is the large size, 31*30*29 cm.

Most models come in both long and short straps. But I recommend the big one. Small and short ones are also better and are elegant to carry. But if it is large and short, it will reduce the practicality. It can hold a lot of things, and it will be tiring to carry so many things. And it’s long and easy to carry. Although short bags are also suitable for girls with slender arms, they are a bit ugly.

When it comes to its color, there are colors that you can choose. In the summer, you can choose the light color bags for it will look fresh. Another, because the most of the summer clothes are light, so it’s suitable for match the light bags. In the Longchamp outlet store, there are many fixed color bags for sale. But if they are not sold for a certain period of time. Even though you go to the Longchamp shop in France, you can’t find a precious defined color. Of course, you need choose your favorite color for yourself. In addition to this, there is the customization color in official website. That is to say you can customize your favorite color.

Now, I am here to recommend something to you. You can choose the large size bags and choose the darker color of the bags. Which is not only all match, but also not easy yo dirty. The style of Longchamp bags, you can choose the long handle and thicker version. It will be ok of the backpack. But you must note to care the four angles of the discount Longchamp bags. So maybe you can consult the site.

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