My Stories of Longchamp Bags

The article is about the Stories of Longchamp Bags.
There is about the lyric of Longchamp handbag stories:
Nineteen ninety five,
When you borrow me while we met in the airport.
I don’t want to return it ,
That Longchamp handbag, carried our remembrance and adversity.
And also the patterns left by friction.

Your Longchamp handbag,
Let me walk more slower.
Everything can’t change it until it goes.
It has become familiar with my sweat.
It is the ring on my shoulder.

After six and a half years,
I accompany him to work every day
You lend me, and I’ll keep it for you.
My friend all said it was very beautiful.
Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with you.

Your handbag,it is still good.
It had become the part of my body.
Your Longchamp handbag is a heavy trial to me.
Why don’t you return it for me.
In fact,unconsciously, the Longchamp backpack dissolved into his life,and there were unforgettable things accompany him.However,everything was gone.We can’t pursue it any more.The only one is that Longchamp handbag.
Above,it is about the story of lyric.Now,let me talk my story.

When a person walking who can not help some lonely.However,when I carry my Longchamp bag,I will this is my world.Before,I never taste its story and didn’t feel its stories.But a few days ago,I just pick up the camera and give it a picture of what it should have.I real know I never lonely when I have this Longchamp bag.

However,when I open newspaper and some web page,All types of electricity supplier website publicity activities hitting your eyeballs constantly,especial for these cheap Longchamp bags with high quality and special discount.That had remarked travel backpack products have gone from “minority” to “public”.

Longchamp bag

Another,you can find there is only 100% guaranteed products in Longchamp sale online shop with no tax. We can see the sincerity and truth of a famous backpack brand for consumers. It’s said by a manager:“Every piece of raw material to my hand, I will pay 100% effort to turn it into a flower in the heart of a consumer ”So, Such a general manager, such a brand,why can’t it be welcomed by consumers?

Finally,there is a set of stringent standards of fabric selection.In the production process,the company’s chairman, Longchamp sent to all employees in a word:“The consumer is always number one!”Finally,you can also find it had become the popular bags the Longchamp outlet store.

Above is the Stories of Longchamp Bags. The Longchamp always believe that the more sincere your heart, the more further your Longchamp.

Years Well,having A Longchamp Bag Is Enough!

Years well,having a Longchamp bags is enough!
The song of 《Your Backpack》by Eason, which told about a pure but full of regret love stories.And the heroine and hero are lovers and they love each other deeply. And their feelings are sincere and pure emotion.However, maybe it was just a little misunderstand and argue,they broke up. After the heroine saw off the boy at the airport. The girl sent a Longchamp bag to this boy and wanted remained a contact for each other. But this girl never came again after that.


And the boy always carry this Longchamp Handbags to go to work. After so many years, everything changed a lot. The boy matured a lot and can more aware of the emotional value. As for that Longchamp Bags, it had familiared his sweat and became his second life. But the past is gone, and everything can’t appear again. Only that Longchamp Bag remained youth, faith and pure love. Unconsciously, this cheap Longchamp Bags had combined his life and together to face difficulties.

After I know its Lyric, I couldn’t help wanting to have one. But as for the Backpack, I want to buy a Longchamp bag in Longchamp outlet store with affordable price. However,my pocket money had very little. So, I had to ask help for my mom. It was so surprised that my mom promised me. Because she was too stingy in the past. After my mom said to me she was a fan of Longchamp bag,too. Then, in one weekend, I hung out with my mom . Wow, at that day, there was activity that there were many cheap Longchamp sale with low price. After buying it, I real couldn’t help expressing my excited mood. When I found my mother smiling at me, which made her more younger and cute.

One afternoon, my mom found this Longchamp bag when she cleaned my room. She couldn’t help saying “This bag is still practical and has top quality as before. And I used one when I am young”“Have my mom used one?” I thought. “In my young, I had knew this brand bag, and your grandmother bought one for me. ” I could feel my mom’s happiness on her face, which is a kind of immersed in the dream of young girls in the era of the happiness of the flush.

Longchamp Le Pliage

I am wrong, and it is just a Longchamp bag can recalled her memories though it had gone long time. Thus, we talked this bag all the time at that noon.

Do you have a cherish memory just like my mom, welcome to buy one in Longchamp Outelt Online Store.