How to match your Longchamp bag?

When it comes to Longchamp handbags, the classic design and superb French tradition are impressive. Simple and easy to show the power in details, the common touch is not lost in fashion, which may be why Longchamp bag has b
een frequently performed by celebrities and fashion lovers.

How to match your Longchamp bag


Easy to match and classic style, but different Size, fabric and color, can also help you to create your own personal style skillfully. If you like a casual and relaxed look, a pair of sunglasses and a super-sized Longchamp bag should be an essential tie-breaker. In the winter, the furs are not only warm, but also give a sense of beautiful and elegance to the whole outfit.

Dark blue, wine red color of Longchamp bag is the highlight of autumn winter Look ornament, the bouncing color such as pink, orange bag, the four seasons are suitable, such as this year which Longchamp + nylon mix material especially the suede “Le Pliage Cuir” series, will have all kinds of color choice, than “Le Pliage” series, fashion sense of advanced at the same time, the work also to be better!

How to match your Longchamp bag?

Longchamp is a very famous luxury brand, if you here on the French to know, a lot of young people here are in use, especially Asian people, every time I go to meet a few people with Longchamp Le Pliage, it’s the most famous one of the most popular is the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag, because it was relatively cheap and practical, also very big, so sell fire, every year a few new color, basic buy Longchamp people will buy Longchamp tote bag.

I have a French friend a Asian girlfriend in a foreign country. So he went to see his girlfriend, his girlfriend is named specified longchamp travel bag. Let him buy 2 Longchamp bag for her and her sister. The cortical bag isn’t cheap and it home except Longchamp tote bag (nylon). The LV, BURBERRY, a spell, many of them are 500-800 Euros. So Louis vuitton classic Longchamp Sale here in France but is also more than 500 Euros.

Such a huge sales volume has made many big brands unable to resist, and they also put down the “body” of the production of the bags. And took part in the daily life package of “low price material add with simple design”.

Elegant French women use Longchamp bags who are the leader of life.

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The development of the Longchamp

The development of the Longchamp

This year is the 60th anniversary of the Longchamp brand, Longchamp Outlet with the famous ghost designer Jeremy Scott, the new Longchamp Le Pliage Stomp bag is introduced to inject freshness into the brand’s long history Longchamp Le Pliage bag series. Longchamp STOMP tote bag is made of solid and durable canvas, and the Longchamp bag is printed with unique and interesting shoes. It fully shows the design style of Jeremy Scott’s natural and anti-traditional style.

Has more than 60 years history of senior French leather brand Longchamp. Since invited famous Italian fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti palm mirror, by British supermodel Kate Moss as an endorsement advertising, Longchamp back miraculously have the new vitality. And this summer’s new handbags, remains unchanged is rigorous, delicate do manual work. And bag type, style and color’s design is more abundant, with a number of the LOGO Longchamp Le Pliage breaks through the previous classical design.

In 2013, Longchamp began to invest in building its own logistics center to support the long-term development of the brand. Longchamp built the logistics center in Paris Segre, which covers an area of 23,000 square meters, twice the size of the original.

Longchamp Sale in more than 80 countries, such as Brazil, Israel, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Canada, Austria, Cambodia, Douala Lumpur, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and so on. All have their own distribution network. Longchamp also plans to build brand boutiques in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to expand its brand in the Middle East. In Mexico, Colombia, Longchamp also has its own dealership stores.

Longchamp Outlet Store in the world has more than 300 boutiques and more than 1500 outlets, including: wholly owned specialize in boutique department store counters, senior leather brand to buy hand shops and airport shops and online sales of 20 kinds of distribution channels.

Now Trend

Currently, the second and third generation heirs are jointly managed by the brand’s founders.
Philippe President
Michele sales director
Michele CEO
Sophie art director
Olivier U.S. sales director
Longchamp has a market value of $1 billion. It is the independence of the brand that determines the stability of the family. And the long-term development of the brand. Longchamp is one of the only family-run leather manufacturers in France today.

Longchamp in recent years, more active cooperation with the international famous artists. Including Thomas Heatherwick, Tracy Emin, ME Company, Jeremy Scott, Michel Gaubert and Jean Luc Moerman. It commits to mix traditional craft and modern spirit of creativity and innovation.

Who is the real owner of cheap Longchamp bags

Who is the real owner of cheap Longchamp bags

It was the weekend, the sun was shining, the bees were dancing in the flowers, the birds were singing in the branches. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery.
“You all right?” My sister’s voice broke my eyes. “I’m all right!” I answered randomly. “Let’s go to Dong Mia Park.” I pointed to the direction of the park. In a few minutes, we come to the fairy tale world of Dong Mia Park, which is full of lights and excitement.

Longchamp Roseau Croco Tote bag
Longchamp Roseau Croco Tote bag


We finally arrived at the long-expected park, and my sister and I were strolling idly. Suddenly, the elder sister shouted: “whose Longchamp bag!” I looked, sure enough, in front of us lay a black Longchamp tote bag, my sister stepped forward and picked up.

“Whose bag?” My sister’s voice shouted like a lion and almost deafened me. The voice just fell, the crowd of the crowd suddenly appeared “two of the owners” and the chorus said: “it is my cheap Longchamp bag”. Who is really? Who is false? My sister didn’t know what to do. I snatched the Longchamp bag from my sister, stole a glance at the Longchamp bag’s belongings, and a wise man’s plan flashed through my mind. I smiled and said to the two “loser”: “who among you is too careless, this bag has 1000 dollar of cash? It seems that  accidentally lost it.” My voice just fell, a “the owner” grabbed to say: “rightness, I yesterday just send salary.” “No, it’s the money I’m going to give my mother!” Another “loser” is also busy cutting in, saying what’s called “the reason.”

Longchamp Roseau Crossbody bag
Longchamp Roseau Crossbody bag

Integrity of cheap Longchamp bags

Laugh after I listen to, watch our people don’t know what I was laughing, I said to the two “owner”, “you are not the owner, the bag only ten dollar of money, you are fake owner.” Before I could finish my sentence, two “owners” fled in the crowd.

Before long, the real loser — a junior high school student who took Longchamp the bag.

Afterwards, my sister praised me for being smart. I was excited and said, “of course, I’m smart.”

My sister and I held our hands together, gradually disappearing into the crowd.

Integrity is the brightest beacon, integrity is the most beautiful flowers. Integrity is the most flawless pearl. But without integrity, everything is empty.

So be honest, not your own things, you can’t be said to be your own.

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Is it worth buying a Longchamp bag?

Is it worth buying a Longchamp bag?

As for me, maybe the Longchamp bags are people’s first choice! They have the suitable price and all match model and durable quality. You can use this brand forever. When you go to school or work, these cheap Longchamp bags can always follow you! Of course,if you are a mom who has your baby, you can also use this! The time can turn out that you deserve it! Following, let’s talk about this topic deeply!

cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir crossbody bag black friday sale

cheap Longchamp Bags

To be honest, Women love bags as when they were born. No matter how many bags they have, they always feel like they lack one. Sometimes, when they see the window or other beauty back beautiful bag from the heart. So, many people will try their best to buy the cheap Longchamp Bags the bags as soon as possible and find great deal on these product.

However,as a common commuters crowded subway, or carrying a bag is more affordable and durable understated. It won’t let his female boss back pack how much better than her. So, I always buy the right bags and never buy the too expensive. Thus, the Longchamp handbags are certainly in line with my bag anticipated and actual demand.

Firstly: I am a buyer from friends buy factory original single bags. At the beginning, I do not hold very satisfied with the attitude. After all, there are too many fakes in the market. However, when I get the bags, I was very happy. Following, I plan to buy another long black satchel!

Longchamp Op'Art Top-Handle M handbags black friday 2017 sale

Longchamp Tote Bag

First of all, the Longchamp tote small capacity have large enough for me. A plug for winter sleeping baby after a lot of available space. In addition to this, you c an find its texture are also very good. And the inner zipper design is also very simple. You can find your personal things very convenient,such as girls, lipstick, mobile phones and so on. In short,I will buy these bags in bags in Longchamp outlet store with top quality again!

Secondly:I just bought the bags in the Spring Festival around in Times Square before going home, all of a sudden the red rose attracted the eyeball. OK, I like this color very much. Besides, this, I like its repellent and cheap price. As a matter of fact, the 1seller also introduced many colors for me to choose. They are including black, purple and so on. But I still was attracted to rose one, and finally chose the rose. The whole skin is not considered, because it looks too ordinary and not dirty!

As a matter of fact,I thought that bags were ugly. But I just followed the trend or bought, the more like the back. And the main discovery of so many pockets, which was good convenience. The feature of this bag is that it’s full of things and doesn’t carry things.

If you are interested with these bags,you can buy in Longchamp sale online shop

The Reasons Why You Buy Longchamp Bags

Two days ago, someone asked me, “you can only carry one brand bag this year.Which one will you choose?”Oh, my god. It’s no doubt that it belongs to the bags in Longchamp outlet store. From its birth, Longchamp will continue with its beauty bag and clothes to refresh our definition of luxury! The Reasons Why You Buy Longchamp Bags.

Longchamp sale

Nowadays, the Longchamp isn’t just a brand, it’s a fashion print. It had been rooted in everyone’s heart! Now, I will show all of you to uncover its secret from texture and appearance. Help you to get back to this “beauty pack king”!


This is its most representative point of Longchamp! That is made from cotton and leather. Another, its quality are top,very soft and durable. The most important is it can waterproof. Comparing with other textures, it wins!Because it had the good texture and high identification, which had become “one line bag.” Further, it is also a best bag for occur more frequency!

What’s more, it has clear water grain that was carved by top technicians. By keeping original technology, there is another new leather and add resin, which is not only waterproof, but also prevent oil.


Today, I just want to say the mini type bag in Longchamp sale online shop with free shipping and big discount. I think this is a big reason to buy it for its mini appearance. First of all, it’s cheap Longchamp bags with wholesale price. So,it’s very suitable to picking out this.As for those who enter career at the beginning, they are more suitable for these bags to enhance their living level. Another,Different colors, different styles and different pattern bags can be chosen by you!You can pick out them according to your personal needs.

longchamp tote bags

Then, it’s very difficult to find the same accessories about these Longchamp bags.If you can put forward your needs,you can gain it! That is so great! Finally, it’s so popular to using these bags in fashion era. It’s never out of date and you can carry it according to different occasions.So, it is very easy to taking them out. It is all depends to you!

In addition to this,from consuming logic,the mini bags’ consuming are more bigger than other sizes. It shows that you will not interested with other types bags when you had used this mini one. In the meanwhile, it can show your personal living quality!

Then, do you want to the luxury but cheap bags? Hurry up to take your phone to click, Buy Longchamp Bags at here.