Cheap Longchamp bag is specially designed for carrying daily necessities

The Longchamp outlet, which has been popular for a long time, has always been a favorite of street photographers. Not only that, office white-collar workers and fashionable mothers also love Longchamp bags. Why is this? The Longchamp bag sale has become a must-have “sacred bag” for people across all age groups and classes with its own various charms.

Longchamp’s classic tote bag is both a handbag and a shopping bag. Large capacity is definitely its master “nirvana” over other forms of bags. Secondly, the simple shape not only makes the classic Longchamp bag. This bag is also really durable, suitable for all stages of your life.

Speaking of this unique printed pattern, it was made with a unique Italian multi-head embroidery loom, which took 15-17 hours and two million stitches to embroider. In addition, the stitching of the bag body uses 6 layers of fabric for stitching, giving the bag a crisp bag shape. Full embroidery makes the printed pattern more three-dimensional, with a sense of texture, and the relief effect is exquisite and delicate. The perfect combination of feminine tenderness and romance with the refreshing and brave temperament. 

Cheap Longchamp bag is specially designed for carrying daily necessities. The whole body embroidery is matched with the blue Juyi print pattern, the special pattern makes the eyes shine. What’s more, the front is decorated with the “Longchamp” classic logo, which is elegant and elegant without losing the classic temperament.

The poetic new cheap Longchamps

The poetic new Longchamp and the magnificent lighting installations are the protagonists of this season’s show. The dreamlike reflections of lights are transformed into exquisite patterns, making Longchamp bags particularly eye-catching. From fuchsia, turquoise to orange, the gorgeous colors bloom in full bloom, which is dazzling. It coincides with the arrival of the festival at the end of the year. And this stunning design theme is like a wonderful anthem of enthusiasm and joy in life. Let people see it and have a good mood.

The Cheap Longchamp bags is simple and casual, with various artistic patterns added to the basic model, which can be used for many occasions. This is also a classic must-have bag for your wardrobe, would you like to know more? You can come to visit our Longchamp sale online store:

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags?

The cheap Longchamp bags is known as the French national bag. This nylon foldable bag that is popular in the streets and alleys originally started as a star. Later, it quickly moved in the country due to its lightness and ease of use. The best-selling bags will inevitably be targeted by the counterfeit market. Now, the market is flooded with fakes. Today I will share with you how to distinguish the authenticity of Longchamp bags. Many true and false details comparison charts allow you to be an expert yourself.

Longchamp outlet
Longchamp outlet

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags?

1. From the fabric material

Genuine Longchamp folding bags are usually made of ultra-light waterproof nylon fabric (except for the flap and handle part), the fabric is very durable, high density, relatively thick, and very tough (there is also a full leather Longchamp folding bag series); and fakes The material feels relatively thin, and the overall feel is soft, and it makes a rustling sound to the touch.

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags
cheap Longchamp bags

2. Flip cover from leather

Genuine leather is commonly known as “diamond pattern”, and the color will have different shades, but the genuine leather has a deeper texture. While the fake leather has a smoother texture and looks no texture, just like fish scales.

This should be related to the leather pressing machine. The higher the cost of the machine, the greater the pressure, the clearer and more beautiful the lines will be. However, those small workshops that do fakes must not have the ability to purchase expensive machines, so they cannot be achieved in terms of equipment technology. .

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags
How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

3. From the Malaysian imprint on the flip top

1) The authentic horse embossing has a very strong three-dimensional impression. Although it is only a small LOGO, you can clearly see the shape of the horse’s front hoof, the thick muscle lines of the front and rear legs, and the fat belly. Even the lines of the pony tail are very smooth, the horse bit and the horse rope are also clearly visible, and the knight’s face and hard shell horse hat are very vivid and lifelike.

In addition, the indentation of the authentic product is flat, and the surrounding indentation is smooth and without burrs and the depth of the indentation is the same; while the imprinted pattern of the imitation product has a poor three-dimensional impression and is very unclear, horse head and horse front The depth of the indentation on the leg and the horse’s belly is inconsistent, and the indentation on the front hoof of the horse is almost invisible.

2) The authentic Longchamp jockey logo is perfectly centered. The heads of the jockey and horse point to the left. Older models have a heat press line under the logo, but newer models do not have this line. The fake Longchamp bag jockey logo is not perfectly centered, and the logo may be upside down (the horse and jockey’s head points to the right instead of the left)

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags
How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

4. Embossing from the reverse side of the leather flip

1) The genuine horse stamp is stamped with an expensive imported stamping machine. In turn, the leather will have a sunken horse racing mark. Some of the fakes are bare, without this imprint.

2) In addition, the back of the cover of some fakes is unhealthy and light. Even if there is a logo stamp, it looks like a scar, which is very unsightly and unclear. The color of the back of the genuine bag cover is indeed different for each bag, and it will change with use, but the logo embossing on the back is shallow, although it is not obvious, but the outline is very clear.

5. From the internal standard

The internal standard printed font of the genuine product is relatively square and round, and the line spacing of the text is exactly the same. Note that if rubbed, the characters will be erased, and some internal standard characters will have black lines under them, but they are not signs of fakes. The font of the fake is thinner, the most obvious is that the number 0 is not as round as the real one.

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags
How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

6. From the hardware color

The color of the genuine hardware is a low-key and atmospheric light gold; while the fake one is of inferior texture with shining golden color, which looks like a stall.

7. From hardware technology

1) The authentic workmanship is exquisite, even the lines of the LOGO on the reverse side of the hidden buckle are very clear. The texture of the imitation goods is quite vague. Looking at the round logo of the metal horse, the fake logo is a bit fatter, like a fattened horse, and can’t run.

2) The genuine product is a YKK zipper with lettering on it, while the fake product does not.

3) When the genuine zipper is closed, the rider’s head on the slider is all to the left, without exception. The ones to the right are fakes.

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags
How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

8. Slave model

Common models of Longchamp nylon bags: short handle S size, short handle M size, long handle S size, long handle L size, backpack. The short handle is also called a handbag, and the long handle “SHOPPING” is also called a shopping bag. Note that there is no M size for the long handle. On the back of the bag you can see the brand and model number on the cover.

“CABAS”: Rectangular handbag model (without zipper)

“SAC À DOS”: Backpack model

“SHOPPING”: Long handle, large and small tote bag. The shopper tote is only available in 2 sizes-no medium like the short handle version.

 TYPE “S”: short handle, small tote bag

 TYPE “M”: short handle, medium tote bag

 TYPE “L”: short handle, large travel luggage

 TYPE “XL”: short handle, extra large suitcase

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags
How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

9. From the place of origin

1) The Longchamp Pliage bag used to be LONGCHAMP PARIS MODÈLEDÉPOSÉ–MADE IN FRANCE, but now Longchamp has outsourced its manufacturing operations to Tunisia and China. Check the hyphen (–). Check that the first accent mark on E points to the lower right: the second and third accent marks on E point to the right.

2) The authentic English indentation concave surface is very flat, and the edge of the text does not feel fuzzy; the indentation of the imitation goods is not smooth and the lettering is blurred.

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

10. From the car line

1) The genuine stitches are thicker than the imitations, and they look stronger; the stitches of the sewing are made, and the short stitches are originally designed to highlight the brand’s exquisiteness. In order to save costs, the imitations will The needle lengthened by at least 0.5-1 mm, for example, the part that should have been run with a 45cm length of thread. They only used 30cm to get it, really don’t underestimate this seemingly insignificant little detail, in fact there are many pursuits of quality Brands have regulations on the number of stitches per inch for each part of the car line, which can never be achieved by imitation.

2) The wiring of the genuine product is relatively dense, the most important thing is even, the spacing is uniform, the wiring and the edging are parallel, it is normal for the needle to penetrate the waterproof layer to bring out the point, in this case, the light color will be more obvious, that is The color of the water-repellent coating from the pinhole shows through. The internal wiring of the fake is uneven. The distance of each stitch is relatively long, the stitch size is large, and the line is not parallel to the wrapping edge.

3) The real handles are not surprisingly even stitches.

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

11. From the lining

The use of Longchamp bag lining will vary with the seasons, dark in autumn and winter, light in spring and summer. For example, the same is big red, the autumn and winter models have a dark brown lining, and the spring and summer models are pure white.

How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags
How to identify the authenticity of Longchamp bags

12. From the smell

The brand new genuine product can smell the sourness of the nylon and waterproof layer processing machine. Under the sourness, only a faint leather smell can be smelled. The fakes can smell the leather of inferior leather shoes.

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Backpack

Popular actresses Yang Zi and Chen Yao recently went out in private service and chose Longchamp.

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Backpack
Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Backpack

Longchamp’s most classic Le Pliage Cuir lambskin folding bag has been enthusiastically sought after for its soft and wear-resistant unique texture and light and dexterous personality. Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Club has attracted a new eye-catching member-lambskin mini backpack. The cute and compact shape and colorful colors make you love it.

Lambskin foldable bag series mini backpack carries all the colors of summer on the body. Use passionate cherry red, vermilion lacquer red and pink to light up the active travel mood; afternoon and summer’s tranquility is expressed in the precipitation of natural colors, pebbly lime and navy blue; the bustling city at night, twilight Blue and black add alluring charm to you.

Combining the playfulness of a bucket bag with the vitality of a backpack, the lambskin foldable bag series mini backpack is like a quirky little sweetheart. The next second will surprise you, and it will definitely satisfy the girl’s heart.

cheap Longchamp bags
cheap Longchamp bags

Above all, this cheap Longchamp bags inherits the Metis lambskin material of Longchamp’s classic series. Its soft and delicate texture makes you feel as if you are scratching the skin of a girl, jumping and light, creating a summer zero burden outfit.

About Longchamp

French luxury brand Longchamp was founded in Paris in 1948. Its founder is Jean Cassegrain. Today, it is still owned and operated by the Cassegrain family. Longchamp brand handbags, bags and accessories are well-known worldwide for their craftsmanship and quality, and now its product line has expanded to shoes and ready-to-wear series. For decades, the international brand Longchamp has maintained momentum and vitality. It symbolizes French style, fresh and inspiring creativity, and sharing an active life with people in the world who like to feel luxury every day. Fresh commercials and commendable collaborations with artists reinforce the model of Longchamp’s Parisian style. What’s more, Longchamp has opened more than 300 franchise boutiques around the world.

The cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bag is already a must for daily work. At first, it took the fashion route, because it is portable, versatile in shape, and rich in colors.

The Longchamp Le Pliage bag outlet is lightness, almost no weight, and can be folded at will. It is especially suitable for carrying a computer or traveling inside the suitcase.

In addition to the daily Tote models, you can also choose cute backpacks. In conclusion, it is very suitable for mountain climbing and spring outing to wear odds and ends, with bright colors and practical shapes.

Longchamp outlet online
Longchamp outlet online

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Longchamp Le Pliage Cosmetic Case

Before coming to France, I didn’t like cheap Longchamp bags very much. I think the material is not leather, and the design is not very impressive. A folding bag is sold for several hundred, which is very puzzled. After coming to France, I started to like the texture of its thick nylon and even his design. To be honest, there is nothing good, but it is versatile, durable, and can hold many things. I bought a cream white, a 15.6-inch super thick and heavy ASUS notebook on my back, which is stable.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Cosmetic Case Outlet

Last week, I went to Longchamp in the Paris discount village. When I left, I saw the clerk taking a box of small handbags from behind, so I leaned over, ah! Isn’t this the travel bag or cosmetic bag I want! ! ! And the original price is only 20 euros! The Longchamp Le Pliage outlet are very cheap, and the style is small and exquisite! It feels very good, and it is still his classic thick nylon cloth. So I picked two colors, red and green.

[Material] High-grade waterproof nylon parachute cloth with leather handle.
I bought a nylon cosmetic bag for a few dollars on Taobao before. The style is imitating Longchamp. I think it looks pretty, but the material is really incomparable.
I like the design of the leather part of his house. It is very unique and has a finishing touch.

[Color] Big red, dark green, black…I forgot what other colors are there. There were a lot of Chinese tourists that day…Moreover, there are not many colors in the discount villages and the colors will be different every time you go, it seems to be a batch rotation!

[Design] Rectangular, classic design of his family, simple and generous, large capacity.
The zipper has a large opening, which can take into account the length of the makeup brush and the search for items during makeup.

Hand-held design is convenient and lightweight

[Price] The original price is 20 euros, and you can get a 10% discount with the discount village gift coupon, which is 18 euros each.
[Size] 19 x 10 x 06 cm
[Capacity] Longchamp outlet is very large, take mine as an example. I installed a set of (4) RT makeup brushes last time, a liquid foundation, 9 eyeliner pens + eyeliner, 1 eyebrow pencil, 1 bright crayons, 2 eye shadow pens, and 1 eye area Primer, 2 mascaras, 2 lip glosses, 1 💄, a box of canmake three-color concealer… not full.

The Cheap Longchamp bags can speak!

  Popular Longchamp bags,classical and all match styles,chic and generous models are all frequent in the street!However,the fashion circle never lack of attractive things.Look!recently,there is a relax and enjoyable fashion in the street that is cheap Longchamp bags they can speak!


As for a girl who enters the society,if she wants to look properly and decently,should she just use a dozens of cloth bag?Sorry,the story of meteor can’t play again,which is a idol drama.Your bags can tell all of us clearly:”I am just looking forward annual salary and I am pay attention to my job and I am just a Cinderella.”Don’t expect that there will be have a prince occur any more.

But if we have a famous brand bags is ok?It’s not.If you change the luxury often and carry them to work,it seems that you want to tell your boss:“I don’t need money and I just for joy with the job.”So,your boss will not trust and reuse.Thus,having practical Longchamp bags are so important that is practical and decent when you carry them.

 Having the friendly design is not only add its brillance but also speak every lday’s aspirations.So,recent years,the wind of fashion is never stop,which attracts many brands to join the young,funny and chic elements.It’s full of vibrant bags,is it left you unlimited review? Whoever see it are all like it.Having so many ideas and can speak is so capricious!


Now,here,I suggest the young girl who just enters society. The canvas of Longchamp has roomy capacity,light and have many colors to choose.And greatest deals at Longchamp sale with cheap price.I am sure these bags are so decent and proper that they will not suffer the tease of colleagues.Especially,there are the customized bags that you can decide your personal style and taste.Of course,you can choose the fresh or wind style.In fact,when a girl uses this bag that shows your attitude silently,especially when you are in the corporation,fashion circle and work with many females.Yeah,of course,if you meet your boss,the Longchamp bags can resolve your embarrassment to some degree.So,the bags are real a big lore!

Comparing with other bags,the Longchamp is a successful example.Their designers are all hope their hope and best wishes to fashion attitude.What’s more,all of the bags are for the people’s love.So why don’t you hurry up to buy one at Longchamp outlet store?

The Relationship Between Ladies and the Longchamp bags

Hey, gentlemen, do you know clearly what relationship between ladies and Longchamp bags?The answer maybe NO. Here I want to share a result to you. As per a result from a fashion magazine, what the ladies want to get as the gift from their boyfriend most is not other things, for example the things like rings and the roses, it is the Longchamp handbag. Does this news surprised you?Where can buy these Cheap Longchamp bags?Now,Longchamp Sale at affordable prices in Longchamp Outlet Online Store .

For men,perhaps you never understand the meaning of a bag. Also,the stories between Longchamp bags and women.


When saw these statistic from this magazine, the gentlemen may feel very confused why the ladies are so keen on the Longchamp handbags. In the gentlemen’ s eyes, the Longchamp handbag is just used as a kind of tool to pack the tiny things. Why the ladies will have so many handbags in different situations? Here what I want to tell the gentlemen is that Longchamp handbag is to ladies what computer games is to gentlemen. It’s a kind of way for ladies to pursue the fashion and it is also a way to show ladies’ taste. Every day, ladies will choose the proper Longchamp bags to suit their clothes, date and different situation. In the eyes’ of ladies, those who love the handbags will have a tendency to love the life and she will be elegant in life. When ladies carry the Longchamp bags, they will have a good mood during this day. So gentlemen, now you must know clearly about the Longchamp handbag’s importance to the ladies, right?Hurry up to buy one for your girlfriend or female friends in our Longchamp Outlet Online Store.TB2RwZjbXXXXXaDXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!155892539.jpg_728x728

For example,there is a twin sister between women and Longchamp bags.It’s a common phenomenon that women are fashion carrier ,and the Longchamp bags are their chic symbol.You often can see lots of exquisite bags under elegant back who like the cute elf.Maybe you will be dizzied by this phenomenon.Even though,time and tide wait for no men,there are still lots of fifty or sixty old women carry a Longchamp bag with them.The red,green and some other colors Cheap Longchamp bags. And some are bulging,another are wizened. Yes,in their arms,there are Longchamp Bags.

Above all, Longchamp handbag is of importance to the ladies. Fortunately, we have many kinds of Longchamp bags On Sale in our Longchamp outlet store with fantastic prices.If you are just looking for a right handbag for your friend or you just want to find a series of handbags for your end-customers. After you read this blog, please do not hesitate to contact me. And I will try my best to recommend the best handbag for your reference.

Gao Yuanyuan are always together with Longchamp bags.

  When the TV play of “We’re married” had been broadcast,the heroine Gao Yuanyuan is really married.If you like her,you mustn’t strange with the cheap Longchamp bags that are always together with her,and Shop for the bags with confidence.In addition to this,the TV play is so hot that it had high audience rating.In the TV player,she dressed up just like a few dozen show and her career modeling also due to his bags.Among them,the roomy capacity,shopping and all match belongs to her favorite Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir.

 The Gao Yuanyuan had deduced the serial of discount Longchamp bags for guaranteed authentic in the play.She played a role of white collar,though she was not so smart but absolute seductive.Foe example,she used the gold and light chain bags,which is very generous and lady.What’s more,the Python lather folding of Longchamp Le Pliage is very suitable for her.

154458_dlaikcki_c6fc631be4332e572a5608c0384585f9 u15508134194135686175fm23gp0

  We can say that Gao Yuanyuan is the perfect brand ambassador in China.Whatever in the TV play or street shot.She always carries the Longchamp bags.In the play,Yao Tao gain perfect love and Gao Yuanyuan also married the handsome boy,Zhao Youting.So I am very admire her beautiful love.I have to believe the Longchamp bags that she carried can give her nice love.Another,the camel dumpling bags has the high rate appearance in her street shot.It’s said that she have different sizes and colors bags.She always wears in a fashion way and then match the bags,so we can say she is a master street.With the simple single product,wearing the concise and generous style.It was so charming and many ladies all want to close to her.She said to reporter that she bought this bags all in Longchamp outlet store,which has fast delivery and good service.And I suggest that we can do like this like her.

    Gao Yuanyuan also said the Longchamp always belongs to her favorite brand,which is the perfect combination of fine art and cultural heritage.She also used different series bags in public occasion.She also said she is very suitable for the temperature of this bags,which features the female vigor and pursue art and fashion .Just the president said “It is a way of live and is a continue development brand.”So the Gao Yuanyuan always want to breakthrough herself just like the different series bags.Besides loving the fashion culture,but also has her special style,so she is always the focus whatever she goes.In 2012,the Longchamp launched an upgraded version of a small folding bags.Comparing the traditional bags,it’ s more softer and texture.

  Nowadays,there is a personality service in Longchamp sale online  shop,which has safe shipping and friendly returns for you.Even though you can customization your color,type of your bags.Further,you can also carve your name in it.It’s so convenient and personality,it’s no doubt that many stars all love it!

How to use Longchamp bags in a correct way when you climbing?

  If you have outdoor activities and need a backpack with you.I am believed that the Longchamp backpack must be your necessity.Especial when you have the long time outdoor activities.You need to prepare goods reasonable and then sort them.Only you use the cheap Longchamp bags will you make the outdoor activities success.

  But how to use the Longchamp backpack correctly,it’s a problem for the amateur of outdoor activities.If you use the discount Longchamp bags in a correct way,it can reduce your burden on the outdoor.Furthermore,it also takes care of your own travel.

4f1008f34b252_200x600 u3388271531561392008fm214gp0

  Step one:Pack your Longchamp backpack.

  Lots of people will be disorganized when they pack their luggage.The most important is that you shouldn’t put lots of things into your backpack.So the luggage must be simplfied to reduce the burdern and pressure on your journey.Then what should we do to sort it out?First of all,you must plan to list items and sort them in the packback.The most important is that you can put the things on the bottom of the bags that can’t use in a short time.In addition to this,it can save lots of space and time for you.Another,you can put the heavy things in the upper part of the backpack,such as the tents,water,fruits and some other pots that you may be use.This way is to improve the weight of the backpack.

  Step 2:Back backpack.

  It’s true that the Longchamp backpack will be on our backs for lopng time if we are in outdoor acvities.But if you can’t master the good method to back bachpack,it will be a large burdern for your journey.Anhd how to reduce the big burdern is also a big lore.If your Longchamp backpack are very heavy,you can choose put it into your knee and the shoulder straps that facing to yourself.As the right hand through the right hand side of the strap,and put forth your strength to turn back the bags on your shoulder.Next,you can through the other hand easily and finally fastener button of the backpack.In addition to this,you must taut belt.Only in this way can you share weight and stress to your waist.And the stress of shoulder and back can be reduced.

  Step three:How to maintain the Longchamp backpack when you are in the outdoor activities?

  Firstly,If the bags are too dirty,you can use dry cleaning and then place them in the shade.But you mustn’t exposure them too long time,which the UV will harm them.Another,if you want to clean the bags,but it’s difficult to find clean water to clean it.I suggest that you can brush with some alochol,which can be very clean.Secondly,you should avoid touching the sharp branches and stones with your Longchamp backpack.You should note that the mice and some animals bite the bags.Perhaps you can say it’s a inevitable thing to happen,but you can reduce these things to a minimum.Finally,you can’t put lots of things into your Longchamp backpack,which will make them deformation easily.And the durability of the material is also greatly reduced.Of course,you can maintain the bags in the Longchamp outlet store when you finish your tour.

  Travel,a Longchamp shoulder bags in hand,which is convenient and practical. You can also consult in the Longchamp sale online shop.

The details of Longchamp sale online shopping.

The cheap Longchamp bags is a popular bag of relative low price.As the entry section of nylon bags,its price is three digits.Even if the leather bags,the most important price is about 7000 yuan,besides the limited edition.This brand of the bag,which relies on its top design and reasonable price.I had bought lots of Longchamp bags in the Longchamp sale online shop.Having so many experiences of buying these kinds of the bags,I summary some items of the notes for buying bags.

A:I want to know the color of Longchamp bags?

B:There are 12 colors of Longchamp bags,among them,there are 6 regular color and 6 season color.There are launched the season colors twice a year,and it’s white in summer and spring,it’s black in winter and fall.And it often obsoletes one color at the end of the year.And my favorite red is obsoleting.So there are the 5 colors regular colors.which can be sold for more than 2 year.Maybe you can’t buy the sold out color in China,but you can buy it in the French discount village.In there,you will like its newest color and the lower price.So,if you can’t find the sold out color,you can consult the discount village and purchasing time.Because sometimes,it’s difficult to buy the hot color and many shops are out of stock.

20111218142414_q8vzs u15p1ts1440497495_88452

A:And then what about the Limit edition of discount Longchamp bags?

B:there are always the limited edition every year in Longchamp outlet store,such as the limited edition of Valentines’ Day.Maybe you can’t buy them in the March,but you can buy it in July or August in other countries,which have the discount hat’s more,there are the limits of new year,seasonal restrictions and cooperative styles.But it’s quite different between the limited edition and sold out colors.The sold out colors means it will no out off stock due to limit time.But the limited edition means it don’t limit time,but for the amounts.So,it’s very difficult to buy it if these kinds of the bags are sold out!Further,you must know the bags better if you want to buy one.For example,there are only two colors of limited edition of Valentines’ Day in 2015,which is the pink and green.They are all coming from France,but it’s a little expensive than the common price.For example,the long and small Longchamp nylon bags is about the 700 yuan as the common style price.But it’s 950 yuan as the Valentines’ Day limited edition.But if you buy the bags in other ares,you must pay attention to cheat.

A:Is it very expensive?

B:I like the Longchamp bags which price is nearly the same as the official price all over the world.Now.there is a contrast of price of the official website for you.

From the chart,we can know the most cheap is France.Its price is about the 26% off China.But the price can be changeable when it comes to the tax,exchange rate,postage and some factors.

I know that you must want to buy a cheap Longchamp bags in the online shop.By comparing with so many official websites,I offer the website of for you.I had bought lots of bags in it,I real feel its bags are quite nice than others bags’ website..

The best way to know the Longchamp Le Pliage Bags.


  There are many kinds of the Longchamp bags,we can say it’s everywhere.For example,in the Paris,perhaps some ladies don’t have the LV bags.but they must have the Longchamp bags.Because once,I had heard of that many people have the same kind of the bag in the street.Today,let’s talk about the Longchmp Le Pliage bags.Maybe you can’t unfamiliar with this kind of the bag,which is everywhere around us.Of course,you can say it’s to show the scene of presence of the Le Pliage. In a word,the series of the bags are the best classical and best seller bags in Longchamp outlet store.With its high quality and the function of practical had captured many people’s heart.The best hot bags just like the “dumpling”.which is called the Le Pliage. Yeah,the people who use this kind of the bag will say it’s one of the best practical and convenient bags.Sometimes,they will compliment the Longchamp manufacturer who produce the perfect bags.


   When it comes to the dumpling bags,you can say their many advantages.It has classical design,never out of date and practical.You can also send the bags to your friends as a gift.Longchamp Le Pliage had occurred in 1993,so it had the long history than another classical bags.It’s a miracle that it can last so long time.In my heart,it never out of date and still has a long way to go.With the ability of consuming,some other bags are more and more expensive,but only the Longchamp Le Pliage bags are have the reasonable price in Longchamp sale shop.

  What’s more,the best advantage of the bag is that it’s very durable,light and can put lots of things.So this is the reason that many ladies want to buy it.Whatever it’s so beautiful,if it’s very heavy,do you till want to carry it?Because in the daily life,our ladies always have many thing to carry,whatever so to school,go to work or just to hang out.The most important is that it;s with the zipper and button leather flip,sometimes,it can help you in the crowded.With this advantage,it had won the other LVbags or Tote shopping bags.In addition to this,it is easy to clean and needn’t to take care of.

    Everyone will have different ideas about dumpling bags.But at least,its model is very simple and all match.In fact.Every quarter,there are 12 colors bags to choose,it’s leisure and business.If a bag can need your requirement,you will don’t care its appearance.But the Longchamp Le Pliage is not only have nice look,but also have high quality.In fact,the series of Le Pliage have also many another fashion choice for consumers.

The Longchamp Le Pliage is just like the close lover who gives you reliable.The cheap Longchanp bags with its delicate design which is very exquisite.To some degree,it had brought the vigor and close to the modern feminnist.