Valentino show haute couture

Valentino is an Italian national treasure brand that is noble, elegant, gorgeous and exquisite. Her haute couture shows are deeply loved by celebrities, and her red carpet appearance rate is extremely high. This haute couture show still adheres to Valentino’s consistent style, with eye-catching colors, clear and elegant lines, wide and stylish fabrics, and unique decorations, creating a luxurious feast.
Yellow and purple are equivalent to red and green in terms of color matching. The contrast between the colors is huge and the visual impact is extremely strong. The exaggerated hat is used, which is simple and yet flamboyant. If you only need to remove this exaggerated hat in your life, you can just copy the whole outfit and go out on the street. They say low-key luxury, this is the real low-key luxury, style, style and color, which is better than wearing black and gray. Let’s learn from it!
You only use red and black, right? Look at red with beige, plus purple. Don’t think that these colors can only appear on the show. In fact, in life, if you use red with beige, it will definitely look more elegant than red with black. When we watch the show, we should not think: Oops! These are too far away for me to wear. In fact, you need to learn and learn from its color matching and translate it into your daily clothing matching.
What a premium color scheme! The combination of red and yellow usually gives people the impression of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, but after reducing the brightness of red and yellow, it is the current effect. Coupled with the most popular electric purple in 18 years, it is really different. When you wear clothes, you must have your own style and personality. No matter how beautiful the clothes are, you have to choose someone to wear them. If you combine any two of the three styles of drama, nature, and romance, you can wear this outfit. For those with a more classical and elegant style like me, you can only look at it with dismay.
The model perfectly interprets the 2018 popular color purple. The ice purple top is paired with a royal purple skirt. The similar color matching is elegant and charming. The yellow silk scarf belt is used as a single key color decoration. You have to try this color combination on yourself, it’s something that almost anyone can try.
When the bow is big enough, it is no longer a cute one, and the domineering king’s style jumps out. This is called a sense of decoration. When you feel that your original clothes are a bit monotonous, you might as well learn from Valentino and add your own long silk scarf. , tie a long scarf with a big bow and decorate it on the shoulders and waist.
Even the decorations of flowers and lace are majestic and full of momentum. It is difficult to control without a large style. However, for people with dramatic, romantic, and natural styles, such styles can better highlight their own temperament.
Valentino’s dress is really attractive. If your temperament is not noble enough, you really can’t carry it. Picture 1 is the first choice for people who are elegant and fashionable, and people who are fashionable and elegant. Picture 2 is suitable for natural people. Picture 3 is suitable for classical, fashionable and boyish people. Picture 4 is suitable for romantic, elegant, classical and girly people. Picture 5 is suitable for romantic people. Six is suitable for natural and dramatic types.

Compared with the exquisite beauty of traditional haute couture shows, this Valentino show is more simple, grand, and casual, with a style that is more natural, romantic, and dramatic. If you have the above styles, you might as well try it boldly!

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