How to match your Longchamp bag?

When it comes to Longchamp handbags, the classic design and superb French tradition are impressive. Simple and easy to show the power in details, the common touch is not lost in fashion, which may be why Longchamp bag has b
een frequently performed by celebrities and fashion lovers.

How to match your Longchamp bag


Easy to match and classic style, but different Size, fabric and color, can also help you to create your own personal style skillfully. If you like a casual and relaxed look, a pair of sunglasses and a super-sized Longchamp bag should be an essential tie-breaker. In the winter, the furs are not only warm, but also give a sense of beautiful and elegance to the whole outfit.

Dark blue, wine red color of Longchamp bag is the highlight of autumn winter Look ornament, the bouncing color such as pink, orange bag, the four seasons are suitable, such as this year which Longchamp + nylon mix material especially the suede “Le Pliage Cuir” series, will have all kinds of color choice, than “Le Pliage” series, fashion sense of advanced at the same time, the work also to be better!

How to match your Longchamp bag?

Longchamp is a very famous luxury brand, if you here on the French to know, a lot of young people here are in use, especially Asian people, every time I go to meet a few people with Longchamp Le Pliage, it’s the most famous one of the most popular is the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag, because it was relatively cheap and practical, also very big, so sell fire, every year a few new color, basic buy Longchamp people will buy Longchamp tote bag.

I have a French friend a Asian girlfriend in a foreign country. So he went to see his girlfriend, his girlfriend is named specified longchamp travel bag. Let him buy 2 Longchamp bag for her and her sister. The cortical bag isn’t cheap and it home except Longchamp tote bag (nylon). The LV, BURBERRY, a spell, many of them are 500-800 Euros. So Louis vuitton classic Longchamp Sale here in France but is also more than 500 Euros.

Such a huge sales volume has made many big brands unable to resist, and they also put down the “body” of the production of the bags. And took part in the daily life package of “low price material add with simple design”.

Elegant French women use Longchamp bags who are the leader of life.

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