Practical and good collocation – Longchamp Paris Premier Bag

In 2017 the new spring and summer season in Europe and the United States have red fashion trendsetter Longchamp bag – Longchamp Paris Premier series. Since Longchamp Outlet launched a new series. It is very popular with Hollywood stars and fashion ladies, setting off a trend of accessories. Its existence can be seen from overall clothing to accessories, and it has become an indispensable popular bag for fashionable streets. Not only that, Hollywood sweet girl Jessica Alba, Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio or British It-girl Alexa Chung, New York first lady Olivia Palermo are all fans of this series. It completely interprets the different charms of street fashion women, and Longchamp Travel Bag has become one of their favorite bags.

Jessica Alba carrying the new Longchamp Paris Premier bag
Jessica Alba carrying the new Longchamp Paris Premier bag

This is the Longchamp-Paris Premier series blessed by many celebrities. This collection combines craftsmanship and materials into one. It’s not just burly leather, it also achieves a sense of fashion with a simple and neat design. The French master personally controls the details of the bag, using handmade sheepskin for internal processing. From the stamp to the stitching, it is meticulous and exquisite, creating fashionable accessories for women from the inside out. This bag is not only beautiful in appearance but also practical. It is simple and luxurious that is approachable and has become a must-have bag for new fashionable women! So let’s take to the streets together and take a look at the street style combinations of fashionistas.

Show minimalist luxury

New York’s first ladies OliviaPalermo wear Paris Premier series of wine red bag models. It easy to show low-key luxury, perfect interpretation of the modern street fashion.

Olivia Palermo with Longchamp Paris Premier
Olivia Palermo with Longchamp Paris Premier

To create a fashionable sense of fashion street

British celebrity It-girl Alexa Chung wearing a gray long board coat, holding a Paris Preimier two-color stitching series, even with the effortless collocation. But also can easily show the street actress’s fashionable and neat, breaking the luxury of stereotypes.

Jessica Alba shows street fashion

Whether it is in the streets or to go to the social activities of the sweet sister Jessica Alba, the overall effect of bright extra points. The simple and elegant dress collocation carry bright skin and texture.

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