Large Longchamp”fat bag”

Speaking of which, the popularity of this large “fat bag” is also related to the improvement of women’s right to speak in the workplace and life. We no longer depend on or try to please men, and we can get recognition through work, but we also need some material and beautiful things to soothe the hearts. These soft and fashionable “fat” cheap Longchamp bags come just!

In fact, when the “fat bag” was just on fire, everyone was reappearing to fill the bag or goose down to obtain the most perfect feel and healing. Old Celine launched a soft cotton bag in 2016 -a soft handbag that can be stacked like a quilt.

A.W.A.K.E also launched similar handbags in the autumn and winter last year, and bloggers are also used in fashion week street shooting, but in general, it is not very practical.

It wasn’t until GLAM SLAM appeared that it was really hot to fill the handbag. The dual softness of soft leather+down filling, coupled with the functional design and pioneering appearance of pioneering, back, and holding, GLAM SLAM’s advantages are quite obvious.

Maison Margiela has also launched laser and metallic leather versions one after another, further enhanced the trend. But from a daily perspective, the soft leather material is most in line with the soft characteristics of this bag.

There is also the newly launched Viva Bow handbag launched by Salvatore Ferragamo, which is a new member of the “soft girl” in the handbag industry. The appearance is a four -square flip design with a brand iconic LOGO bow. The stitching to the hardware accessories on the bag is all treated with the same color, and the details are full.

It is also recommended for gentle light -colored systems, keeping the simple style without minimizing the fashion, and can almost match any styles of clothing. It is very beautiful with a sweater, shirt or suit, adding a trace of vitality to the dull color of autumn and winter.

In the cold winter, you fill your handbag like this, and your body and heart are warm.

Several explosive bags are born in each fashion season, and the explosion of this autumn and winter is a bit “fat”. For example, a bag of difficult BV pillow bag has an upgraded version again -combining the brand’s iconic big gold chain with the fat “pillow bag”, and the cool and cute The channel. Add it to the shopping list.

In addition to the Golden Chain, Bottega Veneta also produced a silver chain version, and the temperament is more cold. However, no matter which metal chain, which color matching, it is a hot product that is difficult to buy with money. The reason is because Daniel Lee accurately seized the consumption view of contemporary workplace women: to be eye -catching, tolerant, and powerful.

But always holding a big woman is too tired, and occasionally it can be cute -for example, the hottest AMBush × BVLGARI co -branded series now. Made by the co -founder and accessories designer Yoon Ahn, the Japanese trend brand AMBUSH, made BVLGARI’s classic Serpenti Bag a round and “gaining weight” into a cartoon version.

In contrast, I know that although the original Serpenti bag is classic and calm, it is slightly old -fashioned. Yoon softened the sharp structuralness in the design. The smart and full streamlined appearance and the filling sense of filling make the new Serpenti more in line with modern aesthetics and street characteristics.

This series includes a variety of bags such as handbags, shoulder bags, and waist bags, which can meet various styling needs. Take a look at the bloggers on the ins, and know how hot this bag is now, and even male stars have to grab back.

The size is also just right. Putting the necessary objects such as mobile phones, keys, lipsticks, etc., you can carry back work or daily shopping. It is friendly to girls of different heights. Powder.

Fat must continue to be reduced, but new bags that get fat must be arranged this autumn and winter. After all, buying a bag for women, what is the reason for. I like it most importantly!

The best crossbody bags for travel

When you’re on the go, you don’t want to have your hands full with your phone, keys or other essentials. After all, then how would you grab a sweet treat from the ice cream truck, carry all your groceries or stop to pet that cute dog on the street?

The solution, of course, is to carry a bag with you everywhere you go — but a big purse or duffel can be pretty bulky. That’s why a sling bag, like a belt bag or crossbody option, is the perfect alternative.  These styles allow you to carry around all your essentials, without weighing you down and leaving your shoulders feeling sore. I will share Mini crossbody bag, anti-theft bags, and belt bags.

Mini crossbody bags

  1. Teensy weensy, this cutie is the smallest bag in MZ Wallace’s beloved Crosby collection and comes with two detachable straps: one adjustable crossbody nylon option and one stylish wristlet chain option. Big enough to accommodate an iPhone 11 Pro Max, the bag has three interior credit card pockets, a zip-top closure and one exterior zipped pocket.
  2. Crafted with pebbled Italian leather, this mini crossbody bag by Cuyana oozes luxe details like a suede interior lining and a chic, modern design. We love that despite its petite frame, the bag manages to accommodate your phone, wallet and a few extra must-haves. An adjustable strap, hidden pockets and an array of universal color options make it the perfect travel accessory that won’t weigh you down.
  3. Known for its neoprene bags, Dagne Dover’s Puff collection includes this diminutive Kitty bag that is ideal for traveling. Featuring an adjustable crossbody strap and a removable short handle strap (that is, by the way, scrunchy and super cute), the Kitty has two roomy interior pockets in addition to a zipped pocket, a key leash, a D-ring, elastic loops and card slots. Available in three colors, the Kitty can also be worn as a clutch bag and it compresses nearly flat, making it super easy to pack.
  4. Nearly 2,000 Amazon customers have given this clear crossbody a thumbs-up, declaring it both the perfect size — it can fit both a full-size mayo and mustard container! — and durable. Available in six colors, the zip-top closure bag contains an exterior zippered pocket and a removable crossbody strap. Also, we’re not mad at that $13 price tag when on sale like it is now.

Rainie Yang’s Hermes bags

Rainie Yang has been sharing her daily outfits on social platforms from time to time in recent years. Naturally, every single item on her body has become the focus of everyone’s discussion! He was successfully praised as a “fashion leader” by many netizens, and even Rainie Yang privately called herself a complete “handbag control”, whether it was a recent hot brand handbag or a classic hot-selling style, everything! The following is an inventory of the famous brand handbag brands and collection styles that Rainie Yang loves!

As a hot brand in recent years, how can we not mention LOEWE from Spain! Rainie Yang also has a soft spot for this brand. She has many popular styles in the brand, such as puzzle bag, gate bag, etc. It is also a handbag style that will appear every time you wear casual clothes. Rainie Yang is even more sweet on IG, showing off Hermès from Mr. Li Ronghao!

CHANEL is definitely a brand that every girl can’t resist

Just by looking at the handbags displayed by Rainie Yang on social platforms, there are already nearly 10 different styles of handbags. Rainie Yang also revealed to netizens that some of the styles are birthday gifts, so that many netizens dare not guess that some handbags may be. From Li Ronghao, it can be seen that the relationship between the two is quite sweet!

Since it is called “handbag control”, how can it lack the classic box of the minimalist brand CELINE! Its versatility is definitely not lost to LOEWE!

Rainie Yang also owns a lot of handbags from LV, most of which tend to be small in style, and the shape is quite casual. And it is even more unique when paired with denim items! Even the popular Multi Pochette Accessoires Rainie Yang is in the gods, it can be seen that the fashion leader of the new generation is really unique!

Cheap Hermès handbag may be the dream of some girls.

Many of Hermès’ entry-level handbags are also very popular. You don’t need to accumulate a certain amount of consumption / distribute goods by luck. You can also buy them on websites or stores in various countries! Such as the popular Evelyne III Bag, Garden Party Bag, Herbag and Picotin Lock bag. This time, I will introduce to you the low-key and practical Garden Party handbag. I believe it will be your best entry choice.

Girls who like large bags such as CHANEL shopping bag/DIOR tote bag may wish to consider Hermès’ exquisite and classic Garden Party Bag. The material is full leather/canvas with leather handle, made with the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, durable and not easy to wear.

The handbag integrates sports and leisure elements, and has a large capacity, so that girls can also take it out for use in daily life/travel, and it is highly practical. There are metal buttons at the opening and side of the handbag, and the width of the side can be increased or decreased by yourself. The handle is curved and the bottom is embellished with leather, making the overall shape of the bag more elegant.

Beige, white, black, orange and blue are common Garden Party Bag colors, and two-color and three-color versions are also available. Inside the bag there is a large main compartment and a zippered compartment.

Hermès Bag sale

Common sizes are Garden Party 30, Garden Party 36. There is also a larger Garden Party 49 voyage bag that can be used as a travel bag.

The second-hand price of Hermès Bag sale is about 10,000 to 30,000 Hong Kong dollars, depending on the use/maintenance, color and style of the handbag. Vestiaire Collective, a well-known used brand website, also has many second-hand Garden Party handbags, all of which have been authenticated by professional verifiers with experience in auction houses.

A list of 8 Kate favorite handbag

Princess Kate has a down-to-earth and approachable personality, and her favorite clothes and handbags in private are mainly practical, and they are often worn and used repeatedly. The following is a list of 8 Kate favorite handbags, including Longchamp, ASPINAL OF LONDON and other brands, which are versatile and durable, and are not easy to be outdated. Let’s have a look!


Aspinal of London is a British leather goods brand with a leisurely history. It is handmade by artisans and has elegant styles. It is one of Kate’s favorite brands. This Midi Mayfair tote bag has a high exposure rate. Kate has black and lavender. The crocodile texture design is classic and timeless, and it goes well with formal or casual wear.

Longchamp Le Pliage bag Large

Longchamp Le Pliage bag Large
Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bag Large

Longchamp sale classic style, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar. It turned out to be in use as early as 2003 when Kate graduated from University. Large capacity and dirt-resistant, very practical!

Alexander McQueen raffia Wicca bag

Alexander McQueen raffia Wicca bag
Alexander McQueen raffia Wicca bag

A mini straw bag especially suitable for spring and summer, which can be carried by hand or cross-body. Kate is wearing a white dress with this small handbag, which is refreshing and elegant.

CHANEL burgundy quilted calfskin bag

CHANEL burgundy quilted calfskin bag
CHANEL burgundy quilted calfskin bag

Discount CHANEL handbags are Dream Bags of many girls, and the burgundy plaid handbags in the hands of Princess Kate also often appear. The style is the design of the brand in autumn and winter of 2016, with the handle of gold X wine red, it looks generous and elegant.

Dolce & Gabbana Medium Sicily Top Handle Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Medium Sicily Top Handle Bag
Dolce & Gabbana Medium Sicily Top Handle Bag

The Sicily series of handbags is the iconic style of Dolce & Gabbana, and many OLs love to use them. The Sicily in Kate’s hands is light cream, simple yet detailed.

Cheap LONGCHAMP ! Perfect for work/dates

This week, a number of handbag brands have launched discounts, including CHARLES & KEITH, MARC JACOBS, MIU MIU, LONGCHAMP handbags. Girls who like these brands, don’t miss this opportunity to check out the selected discounted styles!

I believe that black handbags are a must-have item for girls. They are suitable for work or on a date. Moreover, black bags are versatile and easy to fit, and can be used all year round. If you want to buy black handbags, you may wish to refer to CHARLES&KEITH, a popular brand in Singapore. the bag! Recently, CHARLES&KEITH is holding a discount. The most flat price is only HK$299. You can start with a versatile black bag. Girls can’t miss it.


OnTheList position opening notice! This time OnTheList joins forces with Singapore fashion brand CHARLES & KEITH to launch an online store opening discount! Flash sales for 6 consecutive days, up to 55% off selected handbags, shoes, wallets and card sleeves, all within HK$450, all new popular styles this year! The website also offers free shipping on orders over $500. The following is a preview of more than 25 shocking styles for everyone! Remember to pay attention to the event time, Mark is assured that the aquatic products are swept away!

Marc Jacobs

The popular handbag brand Marc Jacobs has launched a discount on the online shopping platform FARFETCH. Many handbag styles are also discounted, such as the classic Hobo Bag, Tote bag, Crossbody bag, etc. Some products are even as low as 40% off! For petty bourgeois women, handbags can add to the attention of dull work clothes. If you are also interested, you might as well take a look at the following selections right away!

MIU MIU handbags are exquisite and sweet in style and are loved by all girls. American department store SELFRIDGES has many styles with low price surprises, as low as 22% off the official website of Hong Kong!


When it comes to handbag styles that are practical and easy to lining, the cheap LONGCHAMP bags series must be among them! Simple design, durable and versatile nylon leather is one of the reasons for the popularity of handbags. The discount LONGCHAMP handbag has a super practical capacity and is a good choice for OL work bags!

LONGCHAMP sale black all-match handbag recommendation! Perfect for work/dates!

cheap Longchamp spring popular bags

The cheap Longchamp Roseau has the iconic bamboo buckle that shines with modern light, colliding with different styles, and each style is outstanding. It has already become a favorite of fashionistas! Roseau bags have an elegant texture right out of the box. The bag is neat and crisp, with a textured cowhide body, and the capacity can hold everything you need. The Roseau cotton canvas bucket bag is full of the lazy and casual southern French atmosphere. The simple logo printing and the black leather strap perfectly match, just right to show the freshness and vitality. Even in the city, you can have the freedom of “pretending to be on vacation” Feeling.

My cheap Longchamp Pliage Signature’s classic and functional dumpling buns exude the charm of a love that’s not always on your lips, but always inseparable. It also supports letters or numbers to customize exclusive memory. The desire to create has been eager to try? My Pliage Signature shows you the many possibilities of love.

The popular bags in spring, how can you get cheap Longchamp bags?

The cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir collection is full of eye-catching colors that attract the attention. The desert yellow super mini dumpling bag is full of dynamic and positive energy. And it forms a spring vitality CP with the light pink messenger bag. It is playful yet elegant, and firmly locks the urban fashion C position. Intense terracotta red mini dumpling buns, bright colors make a bold statement and contrast with soft pink mini dumpling buns. With flexible and detachable shoulder straps, you can unlock a variety of carrying methods and switch between various styles at will.

The effortless The effortless cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Torchon tote bag is unforgettable in a modern oversize silhouette. The special washed linen body, bumping into cheap Longchamp’s iconic cowhide handle, takes you to the rural town of Provence. The cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Torchon bag with red plaid body is also inspired by French linen tea towels, and the retro style has its own elegant charm. The mini bag is full of energy, with a simple detachable shoulder strap, adding a refined footnote to the agile figure. Haruhi’s turnaround rate depends on it. Le Pliage Torchon tote bag is unforgettable in a modern oversize silhouette.

The special washed linen body, bumping into cheap Longchamp’s iconic cowhide handle, takes you to the rural town of Provence. The cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Torchon bag with red plaid body is also inspired by French linen tea towels, and the retro style has its own elegant charm. The mini bag is full of energy, with a simple detachable shoulder strap, adding a refined footnote to the agile figure. Haruhi’s turnaround rate depends on it.

Wear Cheap Longchamp Bags on your back, play style games casually, and change your appearance in seconds. It’s that simple!

Knowledge about Hermès outlet leather

It is really necessary to understand Hermès leather! Originally, bags can be found, and they cannot be arranged in a row for you to choose at will. Do your homework in advance to make the right decision at a critical moment. After all, the cortex greatly affects the character, style and sense of use of the cheap Hermès bag. Common Hermes outlet leather is as follows


Leather: Adult bull neck leather

Features: uniform granular, somewhat similar to lychee pattern, with a certain luster. The leather is wear-resistant and durable, relatively stiff, and easy to maintain the shape of the bag, but it is not suitable for bags that are too large. Less afraid of water, easy to take care of.


Leather: cowhide

Features: Similar to TOGO, the graininess is a little bigger than TOGO, and it is closer to the matte effect than TOGO, with higher oil content, softer and more delicate, and some sagging. Easily deformed; super afraid of water; relatively heavy; less color.


Leather: cowhide

Features: The surface fine lines are post-processed, which are smaller and harder than TOGO lines. Higher gloss, tough and stylish. Not easy to deform; not afraid of scratches; lighter leather; easy to take care of. However, the texture of the leather itself will be reduced after artificial processing.


Leather: cowhide

Features: It is softer than other leathers, the leather is lighter, and it is easy to fold and scratch easily, but the scratches will fade with time. Bags made of this kind of leather are not easy to plasticize, and the leather is prone to wrinkles. It is mostly used for bags that are suitable for drape such as Lindy bags.


Leather: Calfskin (calf leather)

Point: oily, flat, brighter than swift, lighter in leather, very, very delicate, it is the most classic and longest-used leather of Hermès. But easy to scratch, afraid of getting wet.


Leather: Bullskin

Features: Smooth and large particles. Waterproof, durable and not easy to scratch, but the leather is heavy and not suitable for large bags.

Top 3 Hermès Bag Popularity Rankings

Series with more size options is more convenient

Even if it is a favorite bag, it will inevitably find that the size is not suitable for some occasions. If you choose to launch a variety of sizes of bags from the beginning, you can buy and collect them one after another according to your needs or preferences.

Basically, most of Hermès outlet will launch several specific sizes at the same time, such as the classic Birkin bag and Kelly bag, there are 4 to 5 sizes to choose from. Therefore, it is recommended that after you find your favorite design, you may wish to check to see if there are other sizes in the same series, so that it will be more convenient to match or collect in the future.

After you find your favorite bag, you may hope that small items such as wallets can also have a sense of integrity! And many of Hermès’ bags have additional accessories from the same series, allowing you to easily match with existing bags to create a fashionable consistency. Friends who have a full set of matching needs in the future, don’t forget to confirm which accessories are available in this series when choosing.

After having a basic understanding of the Hermès series of bags, let us actually take a look at the popular products on the market in the form of a ranking list. It also contains many different series of products, I hope you can find your favorite style.

Large-capacity dual-purpose style

A very distinctive shoulder bag and portable dual-use bag, not only has a surprisingly large capacity, but its simple and elegant low-key monochrome system is easy to wear and never get tired of seeing. The large opening design makes it easier to take and store things; the soft lychee grain cowhide material is quite tough and extremely durable, whether it is going out for shopping, carrying a lot of items, or using it when commuting. However, since it cannot accommodate A4-sized documents, it may not be suitable for friends with more foreign affairs.

The best fashion partner for parties and gatherings

The compact design transformed from the classic Kelly bag not only fully retains the unique noble temperament of the Kelly bag in every detail, but also adds a touch of delicate and lovely atmosphere. This bag can be hand-held or hand-held, it is most suitable for gatherings, parties and other multi-person occasions, and can definitely become a protagonist-level accessory in dress wear; when necessary, it can also be put into a large bag as a small item For storage. However, the storage capacity of this mini style is limited after all, and it cannot be carried on the shoulder, making it less convenient to move.

The Story About Longchamp Sale

In the 1950s and 1960s, Longchamp products began to appear in French movies, especially Jean Gabin’s movies. By the 1970s, Longchamp continued to cooperate with the art field. And they launched a limited series of bags co-designed with Russian artist Serge Mendjisky. In 1971, he applied the stitching design of leather and other materials to cheap Longchamp bags.

“Me Every Time”

In 2004, Longchamp started its first collaboration with independent designer Thomas Heatherwick. Together, they designed a spiral zipper bag that was the best-selling year. In 2004 and 2005, Longchamp cooperated with Tracey Emin to launch a personalized design duffel bag: a handbag combining fabric and leather, named “Me Every Time”. Longchamp has cooperated with American designer Jeremy since 2005 With Scott’s cooperation. Jeremy has injected new design concepts into Longchamp’s classic Le Pliage series and other series every season.

Longchamp’s star bag Le Pliage

In 2008, Longchamp relaunched its LM series of bags through a collaboration with designer Moerman. In 2009, Longchamp celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of ANDAM (Association Nationale pour le Dveloppement des Arts de la Mode) with the purpose of encouraging newcomers in the French and global fashion industry. It was dedicated to the ANDAM Fashion Award winners selected by ANDAM── Jeremy Scott, Charles Anastase and the two-person design group Bless collaborated to inject their unique and avant-garde design concepts into the design of Longchamp’s star bag Le Pliage.

From 2005 to 2015, Jeremy Scott and Longchamp collaborated to design 20 styles of bags. Since 2005, Kate Moss began to appear in Longchamp’s advertising and became Longchamp’s. A few years later, she gave the suggestion of adding a red lining to the design of the Légende bag for the first time, and then officially began to collaborate with the brand. In 2010, Longchamp launched an entire Kate Moss bag series . The Kate Moss series has a total of 12 different styles of bags, which are inspired by “urban life”, and their names are also named by Kate Moss’ favorite different areas of London: Soho, Ladbroke, Goldbourne, Glastonbury.

3D visual design

In 2011, Longchamp sale teamed up with designer Mary Katrantzou to jointly design a series of printed handbags, cleverly using 3D visual design. The handbag printing is inspired by Vietnamese temples and flowers. The design of the entire series uses a particularly bold color collision, which has a very visual impact. In 2012, Mary designed two handbags of very different sizes and prints. The large handbags are printed with orchids, dragons and corals. Small handbags are decorated with Asian temples and colorful fireworks and lanterns. At the same time, Mary also injected the design elements of orchids and colorful lights into the season’s Le Pliage folding handbags.

Cheap Longchamp Roseau Bags

Cheap Longchamp bags released the latest limited edition Roseau 1948 series handbags. Pay tribute to every woman who is full of confidence to realize dreams, break away from reality, and travel the world.

Cheap Longchamp Roseau Bags
Cheap Longchamp Roseau Bags

Innovating on classic items this season, jacquard canvas is bordered by dark blue cowhide. It is named Roseau 1948 and is printed with the obvious “Longxiang” logo: a galloping horse, a horseshoe and a pipe surrounded by retro signs.

Whether you are hiking in Hong Kong or resting in Amsterdam, choose your own symbol-a special handbag with the name of your second hometown embroidered in red. This is your exclusive handbag. It is a souvenir from an unforgettable trip or a gift from a special time. If you prefer Portofino or the sandy coast of St. Barth’s Island, perhaps you prefer to visit Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona. Or maybe you are infatuated with the exotic Kuala Lumpur, the mysterious Macau, the charming Beijing, Shanghai, and Singapore. So, why not go to Paris, the birthplace of Longchamp?

Cheap Longchamp Roseau Bags
Cheap Longchamp Roseau Bags

No matter where you will go, there are twenty-four cities in front of you. And this unique fashion customized satchel is waiting for you. Act quickly. Book a ticket to fly into the sky. Because there are only a few lucky girls in the world who can get a super limited edition series.

“Longchamp” released the Roseau 1948 series, proud of letting go and pursuing wonderful adventures. This is a classic work you have never seen before, decorated with colors, highlighting the exquisite luxury and the art of life.