Large Longchamp”fat bag”

Speaking of which, the popularity of this Large Longchamp”fat bag” is also related to the improvement of women’s right to speak in the workplace and life. We no longer depend on or try to please men, and we can get recognition through work, but we also need some material and beautiful things to soothe the hearts. These soft and fashionable “fat” cheap Longchamp bags come just!

Large Longchamp"fat bag"

In fact, when the “fat bag” was just on fire, everyone was reappearing to fill the bag or goose down to obtain the most perfect feel and healing. Old Celine launched a soft cotton bag in 2016 -a soft handbag that can be stacked like a quilt.

A.W.A.K.E Bag

A.W.A.K.E also launched similar handbags in the autumn and winter last year, and bloggers are also used in fashion week street shooting, but in general, it is not very practical.

It wasn’t until GLAM SLAM appeared that it was really hot to fill the handbag. The dual softness of soft leather+down filling, coupled with the functional design and pioneering appearance of pioneering, back, and holding, GLAM SLAM’s advantages are quite obvious.

Maison Margiela has also launched laser and metallic leather versions one after another, further enhanced the trend. But from a daily perspective, the soft leather material is most in line with the soft characteristics of this bag.

Salvatore Ferragamo Bag

There is also the newly launched Viva Bow handbag launched by Salvatore Ferragamo. It is a new member of the “soft girl” in the handbag industry. The appearance is a four -square flip design with a brand iconic LOGO bow. The stitching to the hardware accessories on the bag is all treated with the same color, and the details are full.

It is also recommended for gentle light -colored systems, keeping the simple style without minimizing the fashion. And it can almost match any styles of clothing. It is very beautiful with a sweater, shirt or suit. Adding a trace of vitality to the dull color of autumn and winter.

In the cold winter, you fill your handbag like this, and your body and heart are warm.

BV pillow bag

Several explosive bags are born in each fashion season, and the explosion of this autumn and winter is a bit “fat”. For example, a bag of difficult BV pillow bag has an upgraded version again. It combines the brand’s iconic big gold chain with the fat “pillow bag”, and the cool and cute of it. The channel add it to the shopping list.

In addition to the Golden Chain, Bottega Veneta also produced a silver chain version, and the temperament is more cold. However, no matter which metal chain, which color matching. It is a hot product that is difficult to buy with money. The reason is because Daniel Lee accurately seized the consumption view of contemporary workplace women: to be eye -catching, tolerant, and powerful.


But always holding a big bag is too tired, and occasionally it can be cute. For example, the hottest AMBush × BVLGARI co -branded series now. Made by the co -founder and accessories designer Yoon Ahn, the Japanese trend brand AMBUSH. It made BVLGARI’s classic Serpenti Bag a round and “gaining weight” into a cartoon version.

In contrast, I know that although the original Serpenti bag is classic and calm, it is slightly old -fashioned. Yoon softened the sharp structuralness in the design. The smart and full streamlined appearance and the filling sense of filling make the new Serpenti more in line with modern aesthetics and street characteristics.

This series includes a variety of bags such as handbags, shoulder bags, and waist bags. It can meet various styling needs. Take a look at the bloggers on the ins, and know how hot this Large Longchamp”fat bag” is now, and even male stars have to grab back.

The size is also just right. Putting the necessary objects such as mobile phones, keys, lipsticks, etc., you can carry back work or daily shopping. It is friendly to girls of different heights. Powder.

Fat must continue to be reduced, but new bags that get fat must be arranged this autumn and winter. After all, buying a Large Longchamp”fat bag” for women, what is the reason for. I like it most importantly!