The details of Longchamp bag sale online shopping

The cheap Longchamp bags is a popular bag of relative low price. As the entry section of nylon bags, its price is three digits. Even if the leather bags, the most important price is about 7000 yuan, besides the limited edition.This brand of the bag, which relies on its top design and reasonable price. I had bought lots of Longchamp bags in the Longchamp sale online shop. Having so many experiences of buying these kinds of the bags, I summary some items of the notes for buying bags.

The color details of Longchamp bag

B:There are 12 colors of Longchamp bags,among them, there are 6 regular color and 6 season color. There are launched the season colors twice a year, and it’s white in summer and spring, it’s black in winter and fall. And it often obsoletes one color at the end of the year. And my favorite red is obsoleting. So there are the 5 colors regular colors. Which can be sold for more than 2 year. Maybe you can’t buy the sold out color in China, but you can buy it in the French discount village. In there, you will like its newest color and the lower price. So, if you can’t find the sold out color, you can consult the discount village and purchasing time. Because sometimes, it’s difficult to buy the hot color and many shops are out of stock.

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The Limit edition of discount Longchamp bags

B: Longchamp discount stores have limited editions every year, such as Valentine’s Day limited editions. Maybe you can’t buy it in March, but you can buy it in other countries in July and August. There are many discounts, including New Year restrictions, seasonal restrictions, and cooperative styles. But the limited-edition and sold-out colors are very different. Sold out colors mean they won’t be out of stock for a limited time. But limited edition means no time limit, only quantity, so if this kind of bag is sold out, it will be difficult to buy it!

In addition, if you want to buy bags, you must have a certain understanding of bags. For example, the 2015 Valentine’s Day limited edition only comes in two colors, pink and green. They are all made in France, but a bit more expensive than normal. For example, the price of long and small Longchamp nylon bags is about 700 yuan for ordinary styles. But it’s 950 yuan as the Valentines’ Day limited edition. But if you buy the bags in other ares, you must pay attention to cheat.

A: Is it very expensive?

B:I like the Longchamp bags which price is nearly the same as the official price all over the world. Now. There is a contrast of price of the official website for you.

From the chart,we can know the most cheap is France. Its price is about the 26% off China. But the price can be changeable. When it comes to the tax, exchange rate, postage and some factors.

I know that you must want to buy a cheap Longchamp bags in the online shop. By comparing with so many official websites, I offer the website of for you. I had bought lots of bags in it, I real feel its bags are quite nice than others bags’ website..

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