The collocation of Longchamp bags’ modeling

In my opinion that it’s very important to choose suitable cheap Longchamp bags to collocate our modeling. To some degree, it can add some points for your whole modeling. But if you choose a wrong bag, it’s not only add points for your modeling, but also make your whole so ugly. So the ladies are not only very pay attention to the costume, but also the collocation of the bags. So today, I will tell you something about how to choosing a bag that suitable for your style. I hope these details will give you some ideas to the daily collocation.

Firstly, let’s talk about the same color echoes. The rules of the same color echoes are very easy to master. That is to say, the color of your bag is the same as your costume, which make the bag blends in your whole collocation naturally. But it needn’t to emphasize, it will be natural. The same color echoes are including theses kinds. For the first, the color of the bag is the same as the coat. The bag as a continuation of upper part of the body. Which will be very harmonious with the vision.

For the second one, the color of the bag is the same as the shoes, which many stars like to collocate like this. Especially when it echoes with the shoes, which will be lively but not messy. And the black bag match the black shoes is very popular. Besides that, the color of red, brown, white are very common in the street. The most extreme is the color of the bag is the same as your whole, which will become the strong gas field. In addition to this, the collocation of the whole same color is my favorite style. Which will make me more stylish.


Secondly, as for the nearly color collocation, if the two similar color in chromatography collocation are together, it belongs to the similar color collocation. This collocation not so dull and too conspicuous. For example, if you match the blue bags with the light blue shirt and combine the same color collocation, it’s also the blue and white clothes with the color of blue and white. If it’s the two similar color, I suggest you match the blue with the green. But sometimes, the two colors will make you refuse to tell them.


If you buy a steady bags in Longchamp sale online shop, which is suitable for the office workers. It’s the color of black,coffee or darker pattern. Considering the white collars need the wear the formal suit, and they often wear the color of black, white, coffee or some darker. So they should choose the distinctive style when they choose the style of details of the bags. Which will add more points for them. But it’s a common phenomenon that a cute bags are very popular with the girls. Because these kinds of the bags are have the features of fashionable, cute and various. Which the majority of the girls can choose by them own. But these kinds of the bags are suitable for the lively, lovely,outgoing or open girls. Whatever any seasons, it’s suitable for them to use. You don’t need to match the bags because it’s cute enough.

If you buy your favorite bag in Longchamp outlet store, you will be very happy. At this time, you can follow the rules of collocation by matching the bright bags with the light clothes or match the darker bags with the light clothes, which will draw attention to others. I think many ladies had been in the way of buying the bags just like me. If you buy the discount Longchamp bags, you must know how to match them. In fact, you only need to master the collocation rules that given above, you will be not worry about the problem of collocation any longer.