The 10th anniversary of Longchamp with Jeremy Scott

The 10th anniversary of Longchamp collaboration with the famous designer Jeremy Scott. In these ten years, many stunning classic designs have been born, and the ten-year meaningful cooperation with each other conveys the extraordinary charm of the brand.


Jeremy Scott’s freedom and unruly are widely appreciated, and his courage and fearlessness are admired. As a pioneer designer in the fashion industry, he loves popular print patterns and bold colors. It is famous for its exaggerated design that shook the fashion industry. It is precisely because of this subverting tradition that Longchamp chose to cooperate with it in 2006. Since 1948, Longchamp has become a world-famous leather goods family brand, and its boutiques incorporate elegant French style. To the public, the extraordinary collaboration between Longchamp and the “ghost” designer Jeremy Scott is a surprise, but this collaboration perfectly fits the style of the Longchamp brand. “To provide artists with a design space to express themselves, and the Longchamp brand has also received widespread praise.” said Longchamp CEO, Jean Cassegrain.


Since the 1970s, the anniversary of Longchamp has continued to support contemporary and avant-garde artistic design. Longchamp has a long and passionate history of working with top artists. The Longchamp brand continues to invite successful designers and emerging stars to leave a unique mark on its famous bags. After discovering Jeremy Scott’s creative talent, Longchamp invited him to join the ranks of collaborative artists in 2006 and began working together. Ms. Sophie Delafontaine, artistic director, said: “Jeremy and I met for the first time in New York, and I could feel his outstanding personality and talent for fashion design.” The two parties have gradually developed from an initial project cooperation into a long-term, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. Cooperative mode.

Even more surprising is that Longchamp gave Jeremy Scott a new challenge: to recreate the legendary Longchamp Le Pliage bag. “We wanted to take the collaboration further. Jeremy Scott came up with the idea of choosing prints from his new collection for each season’s collaboration bag,” continued Ms. Sophie de la Fontaine. “Le Pliage is designed exactly like the shape of a travel bag. I love this shape not only because of how comfortable it is, but also because it’s the perfect size to showcase the pattern I designed,” says Jeremy Scott. Each season, Longchamp’s collaborations with Jeremy Scott are designed to reflect the boundless imagination and creativity of this fearless designer.


Although the original features of the prestigious Le Pliage bag have not changed-it retains the unique trapezoidal shape and luxurious leather material, but after Jeremy Scott’s bold design, Le Pliage has been given a wild design. It is precisely because of the comprehensive long-term cooperation that Jeremy Scott’s bold design is not subject to any restrictions. “Ms. Sophie Delafontaine and Mr. Jean Cassegrain have worked with me for a long time. They have 100% trust in me. Of course, I will choose the classic patterns and styles of my design series.” Jeremy Scott explained. Through the use of bold and heart-pounding patterns, he brings a new vitality to the product.

Jeremy Scott told us: “From the beginning of the collaboration of the anniversary of Longchamp, I fell in love with the iconic Le Pliage bag.” Every season, Jeremy Scott draws inspiration from his favorite ready-to-wear collection patterns and incorporates them into Longchamp’s collaboration bags. in. “Each pattern has a different style, and each version is unique, but they all have a distinct Jeremy Scott style.” Ms. Sophie Delafontaine explained. It is for this reason that the Poodlebag series, Goldcard series, Tire Track series, Madballs series and Zodiac series Le Pliage cooperation bags with printed patterns appeared in the cooperation models. These design patterns are full of design personality and inject new vitality into the classic brand of Longchamp. “What’s wonderful is that Jeremy’s sense of humor is very attractive.” Sophie Delafontaine concluded.


The originality of Longchamp drives Jeremy Scott to pioneer and innovate, and new products each season can expand the boundaries. Since the cooperation, Jeremy Scott has injected new vitality into the Longchamp family brand, upholding the style of subverting tradition and constantly innovating. The relationship between Longchamp and Jeremy Scott is not a simple cooperative relationship. The cooperation between the two parties makes Jeremy Scott a loyal follower of Longchamp’s business philosophy. Jeremy Scott told us: “Longchamp is like a member of my family, I have fallen in love with this brand!”

Longchamp outlet
Longchamp outlet


At the beginning of each season of anniversary of Longchamp, everyone will discuss a question. What kind of design bag will Jeremy Scott bring to Longchamp? In the Paris workshop of Longchamp, the craftsmen held their breath, waiting for the energetic designer Jeremy Scott’s creative design. With their extraordinary heritage of French skills, they turned Jeremy Scott’s designs into exquisite bags. Cutting cloth and leather, dyeing and assembling handbags. In the flow of time, they repeat the meticulous craftsmanship. This is the unique expertise of Longchamp artisans and has been inherited from generation to generation. Time is not stagnant, this leather craft is applied to Jeremy Scott’s wild imagination. The artisans in the Longchamp Paris workshop said, “Every seemingly impossible project produced by a designer promotes further tempering of our craft.” Like this subversive cooperation, Longchamp outlet has been realized. Breakthroughs and broadened the borders in the past decade.

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