Café de Longchamp


French luxury brand Longchamp continues to implement a profound international spirit and global vision. And it has achieved rapid development in China. Located in Changsha International Finance Center, a bustling area in the city center, Longchamp has opened a new boutique and a limited-time cafe caf de Longchamp that is full of French lifestyle. The event stars, brand friends have come to visit. Powerful actor Hai Qing, popular host and actor Wu Xin, young actor Zhang Zhehan, and new generation quality idol Qian Zhenghao also served as special guests and the first batch of coffee flow experience officers. Experience a unique French style that combines tradition and creativity, fashion and elegance.

Café de Longchamp
Longchamp outlet


Longchamp outlet new boutique in Changsha IFC includes a rich product series: women’s handbags, small leather accessories, men’s luggage series, etc., are displayed in multiple styles. It aims to present the brand’s innovative and refined French elegance and Parisian style. The long-lasting cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bag and the new lambskin folding bag family have also opened up a special area display in the store, forming a colorful “rainbow wall” with the abundant products of the season. Lightweight cabinets in bright tones create a subtle modern atmosphere. The Longchamp Roseau Galop series specially launched to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the birth of the brand is also used as a limited edition in Changsha. Displayed in a spacious and bright brand new boutique. Let this star product with the galloping horse pattern shine more brightly.

cheap Longchamps
cheap Longchamps


Since its establishment, cheap Longchamps has been committed to interpreting the Parisian style, insisting on an international journey, and spreading brand characteristics from Paris to major capitals around the world. In Paris, the birthplace of the Longchamp brand, cafes are more than just social places. It is also a hub for art, culture and inspiration. The Longchamp boutique and Café de Longchamp limited-time coffee shop in Changsha IFC opened. It is also an important milestone for the brand to celebrate its 70th anniversary globally this year. Choosing Changsha as the first stop of Café de Longchamp’s Chinese coffee shop tour is intended to convey the classic Parisian style and life attitude that the brand originated from the French capital, in order to celebrate its profound history and heritage.

In the coming months, the Café de Longchamp limited-time coffee shop activities will also continue in Longchamp’s boutiques in other cities, conveying the authentic Parisian life and fashion attitude.

1948 was an iconic year. In this year, Jean Cassegrain conveyed a unique vision of French elegance and redefines the modern luxury concept of the Longchamp brand. In this way, a leather pipe craftsman has integrated his skills into travel accessories, handbags and fashionable lifestyles. Nowadays, the Longchamp sale has become world-renowned. His pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, pursuit of excellence in the French Art de vivre and romantic feelings inspire us. It embarks on an adventure of innovative craftsmanship. And unite us to continue to write Longchamp’s brand story.

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