Longchamp Bags witness your family and friendship.

Longchamp Bags witness your family and friendship.
“Oh, too late, to be late!” I looked at the clock, jumped up and wore clothes. Breakfast is ready to go to school and not enough time to eat, no way, then I brushed my teeth and washed my face and hurried downstairs to say hello, rode away. My mother said: “be careful on the road!”

I still remember that my mom bought the scene of Longchamp handbags for me !After that,this bag brought me lots of benefits.

Longchamp roseau

When I got to school, I feel very hungry, open the Longchamp bag to see, there were two loaves of bread and a note. It was the mother’s handwriting: breakfast to eat, don’t catch a cold! The weather was cold, the inner layer give you woven scarves and gloves, when to go home at night to remember put on!

My eyes filled with tears, the bread is my mom to buy in the morning? The scarf and gloves, mom made a week, and her hands had frostbite. When I ate bread, read the note, I know, the Longchamp large tote is filled with warmth and love endless.

Noon meal back to the classroom, hey, how full of things in the Longchamp leather bag? the friends around but a happy round when I was wondering, said loudly: “welcome back to school!” Oh, I just react, I did not leave to school last week, so she welcomed me back. I couldn’t help laughing, this is a surprise they took the time to prepare, friendship is more precious. They looked at the smiling, looking at their elaborate gifts, I only know that Longchamp medium tote is filled with friendship and sincere .

After school, my classmate put class notes in my bag because I didn’t come to school last week, I nodded solemnly, there is no gratitude in my heart. Looking at the classmate’s delicate handwriting, thinking of the classmate’s encouragement from the bottom of my heart, I knew the deep expectation and selfless devotion in the bag.

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Large

The Longchamp large tote is full of stories, and the stories seem to have a common name: warmth.
I carried my Longchamp tote bag along the way, without hesitation, because I was not alone at all on this road, and my body was full of heavy happiness, deep love and true love!

When I got home, I told my mother what happened today. My mother was so happy for me to have so many good friends. sometimes it brings me a lot of moving. My schoolbag is unique, and nothing can replace it.

The story in the bag is ordinary and simple, but they accompany me to grow and live forever in my heart!

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In the most lonely road, the family is the most sincere company, let us feel the incomparable warmth and comfort; at the most helpless crossroads, the family is the clearest signpost, guiding us to achieve the goal successfully.

And friends are my “enemies” in learning, and also help me to grow friends. No matter how long the future is, please cherish every moment together. No matter how many seasons, we are friends forever.

What’s said above,it is the aestheticism story about friendship and family.Having this Longchamp Le Pliage,you can fell this.So,hurry up to buy one in Longchamp sale online shop!

Different needs for Longchamp bags.

Different needs for Longchamp bags.
The women have too many problems to think about every day.What are you wearing today? What bag will you carry tomorrow?And What color is lipstick, hair seems to be curl?For a long time, they will be confused and ask do I need to live so hard?
The answer is not!OK,perhaps you should abandon something and choose suitable things for yourself,and start from buying cheap Longchamp bags on sale at affordable price online!

longchamp bags sale I don’t know from what time, there is a saying “bags can cure every disease for woman.”It seems that if a woman has a bad mood or be sick,thew only she can do is to buy a bag!I was so surprised.But it is real.I’ve seen too many women that see their need for bags.Brand Longchamp Bag,which is a accessory for them in any occasion and can help them to some degree.
However,different styles of Longchamp bags can meet women’ s needs.
The needs for dressing:These bags must have a larger, straight, or trapezoidal type with two shoulder straps and a large bag slung over the shoulders.I suggest that every woman should have one.You’d better try to choose lightweight material and good collocation colors – Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag.
The needs for family:Many of our friends are married or single.Aha,you can judge by their bags.As for those mom,Even if the children do not go out with them today who are accustomed to the bag has a certain capacity.Furthermore,there are many pockets of their bags.As for those single women,the bag is either big or full of everything. When you’re looking for something, they turn it hard inside. Or use a trendy Mini Bag.Most of the packages are still open, the cell phone in the hands of the press, and the charger in the bag ready to charge.

Longchamp leather bag The needs for social contact:Social needs are a bit more personal,the most important is helping you integrate into social groups.Not matter you use fresh bags,canvas bags,understated Longchamp bags and so on.But is you are a fashion lady,you need have one or two people that make the brand of “magic”.It’s good to be in the coffee shop on weekends and feel the life in the Western Restaurant.If you are a athletic, there’s no need for a lightweight package that can fit in a gym, or even a pair of sneakers.
The function of Longchamp bags are so many,which must meet your various needs!
Women should be a little better for themselves, and take the package around you as a form of life.You can carry different bags according to different occasions.Of course,I am not urged you to shopping.I just want to say that whatever you travel or working,your bags must be “practical”.And you can choose these bags in Longchamp sale online shop with wholesale price.
Hence,you can pick out a bag at your will in Longchamp outlet store make you free and confident!

Speak highly of cheap Longchamp Bags.

Speak highly of cheap Longchamp Bags
Every girl should have their dream that is having a Longchamp bag.What’s more,having a this dream is very great!I also hope I can be worthy of this Longchamp bag.

However, the unique concept of aesthetics Longchamp bags, which innovates interpretation of fashion.As the saying goes:“Popular perishable, style is eternal.”Yes,it shows that Longchamp Handbags will leave a far-reaching impact on people.For nearly a century.the spirit of this Longchamp bag on sale has eternal classic,which is shaping the beauty of modern personality for women all over the world constantly.

Longchamp Paris Chérie

At the beginning of the birth of Longchamp bag,you can find it is elegant,comfort and brief in Longchamp sale online shop.In a number of complicated lace in talent shows itself to break the tradition, fashion, achievement.While the classic Longchamp Le Pliage bag is by its virtue of its gorgeous.Modern urban women become indispensable to replace the wardrobe without a fervent in the changes of the times.Today,let me show you to this classical world to know the Longchamp.

Five key words.
Firstly: Metal Logo lock.
Every season,there is different theme in Longchamp Outlet Online.Thus, the metal lock of this bag will change accordingly.Sometimes,it is the bright face, metal texture, sometimes is retro and the old texture.But double Logo always goes with it!

Secondly:“A heroic metal chain.”Longchamp is a light metal chain of its handbags ,if you see it in Longchamp outlet store.Of course,it is very important to master the use of special skills.

Thirdly:Packet type is angular.Longchamp must be handsome neat than other handbags,which is just like a rebellious little boy.The long, long angular body is its landmark design.

Longchamp Pénélope Tote Bag

Fourthly:Appearance design:A good bag is an art and is also a soul of designers.You may find it is also a modern spirit! There is no doubt that the Longchamp is one example!Join the chain in the traditional handbag that makes women’s hands to be liberated successful.And it shows the women are never a useless vase.It maybe the designs wanted to bring us with its shape and practical.From cutting, fitting, sewing, stitching, sewing and tailoring, zipper, inlaid buttonholes to packaging and good service,which is a long term process.So,it is worth the world has been rewarded for half a century.

Fifthly:Heart love.We all know a bag is a container for holding articles.But iy is also the most direct reflection of personal taste, style, identity and status jewelry.A classic bag that is a girl’s best family heirloom.

Cheap Longchamp bags is the socialite princess good heart.Maybe we can’t control our birth,but we can dream our princess dream with a Longchamp bag!

Years well,having a Longchamp bag is enough!

Years well,having a Longchamp bags is enough!
The song of 《Your Backpack》by Eason,which told about a pure but full of regret love stories.And the heroine and hero are lovers and they love each other deeply.And their feelings are sincere and pure emotion.However,maybe it was just a little misunderstand and argue,they broke up.After the heroine saw off the boy at the airport.The girl sent a Longchamp bag to this boy and wanted remained a contact for each other.But this girl never came again after that.


And the boy always carry this Longchamp Handbags to go to work.After so many years,everything changed a lot.The boy matured a lot and can more aware of the emotional value.As for that Longchamp Bags,it had familiared his sweat and became his second life.But the past is gone,and everything can’t appear again.Only that Longchamp Bag remained youth,faith and pure love.Unconsciously,this cheap Longchamp Bags had combined his life and together to face difficulties.

After I know its Lyric,I couldn’t help wanting to have one.But as for the Backpack,I want to buy a Longchamp bag in Longchamp outlet store with affordable price.However,my pocket money had very little.So,I had to ask help for my mom.It was so surprised that my mom promised me.Because she was too stingy in the past.After my mom said to me she was a fan of Longchamp bag,too. Then,in one weekend,I hung out with my mom .Wow,at that day,there was activity that there were many cheap Longchamp sale with low price.After buying it,I real couldn’t help expressing my excited mood.When I found my mother smiling at me,which made her more younger and cute.

One afternoon,my mom found this Longchamp bag when she cleaned my room.She couldn’t help saying “This bag is still practical and has top quality as before.And I used one when I am young”“Have my mom used one?”I thought.“In my young,I had knew this brand bag,and your grandmother bought one for me. ” I could feel my mom’s happiness on her face,which is a kind of immersed in the dream of young girls in the era of the happiness of the flush.

Longchamp Le Pliage

I am wrong, and it is just a Longchamp bag can recalled her memories though it had gone long time.Thus,we talked this bag all the time at that noon.

Do you have a cherish memory just like my mom,welcome to buy one in Longchamp Outelt Online Store.

Practical and good collocation – Longchamp Paris Premier Bag

In 2017 the new spring and summer season in Europe and the United States have red fashion trendsetter Longchamp bag – Longchamp Paris Premier series, since Longchamp Outlet launched a new series, it’s very popular with Hollywood celebrities and fashion ladies favorite, set off a piece of accessories wave,from the whole clothes to accessories are able to see its presence in the fashion street has become an indispensable popular package models. Not only that, but also hit the Hollywood sweet sister Jessica Alba and Brazil supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio or the British It-girl Alexa Chung, New York’s first ladies Olivia Palermo are this series of love users, completely interpretation of the different flavor of the streets fashion Women, Longchamp Travel Bag become one of their love bags.

Jessica Alba carrying the new Longchamp Paris Premier bag
Jessica Alba carrying the new Longchamp Paris Premier bag

Longchamp -Paris Premier series, which is blessed by many celebrities, combines craftsmanship and material in one, not just the burly leather, but also uses a simple and neat design to achieve a sense of fashion. French master is personally in control of the details of the package, the use of handmade sheepskin in the internal processing, from imprint to the stitch all are meticulous and exquisite, from the inside out for women to create fashion accessories, not only exquisite appearance Practical and practical, to understand the approachable minimalist luxury, become a new fashionable women will have the necessary package! Then let us take the streets together to look at the fashion trendsetter street style collocation.

Show minimalist luxury

New York’s first ladies OliviaPalermo wear Paris Premier series of wine red bag models, easy to show low-key luxury, perfect interpretation of the modern street fashion.

Olivia Palermo with Longchamp Paris Premier
Olivia Palermo with Longchamp Paris Premier

To create a fashionable sense of fashion street

British celebrity It-girl Alexa Chung wearing a gray long board coat, holding a Paris Preimier two-color stitching series, even with the effortless collocation, but also can easily show the street actress’s fashionable and neat, breaking the luxury of stereotypes.

Jessica Alba shows street fashion

Whether it is in the streets or to go to the social activities of the sweet sister Jessica Alba, simple and elegant dress collocation carry bright skin and texture, the overall effect of bright extra points.

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Two symbol stories of Longchamp Le Pliage

Two symbol stories of Longchamp bags.
Life is dull,all of the love buries in the daily necessary.It’s just like the Longchamp bags are always follow with you,which can give you more surprises in the dull life.The story of Longchamp is just a begin.And there are more and more romantic stories show every day.Of course,it’s not you to write story,and we are just responsible for making surprises.
There are two silent love of Mr.Zhang and Mr.Wang.And all the stories began in bags.Such as shop for bags in Longchamp outlet store.

Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William, during their graduation ceremony at St Andrews, Thursday June 23, 2005. William got a 2:1 in geography after four years studying for his Master of Arts. (Photo by Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA/WireImage)
Kate Middleton

Mr.Zhang who is a financial man.When I called him I felt he had some surprise.But he just hid his feeling of winning a prize. And he just say he was a lucky man and it was a lucky day for him.So I can fell he was a mature man who was very modest and steady.As a senior investor,he had searched more rules of shares.So,few days ago,he did not hesitate to cast RMB10, and as a support of flush.But he didn’t pay attention to this matter until I phoned him.
He won a Longchamp Le Pliage.But I was so surprise that I ask him why he chose a Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote Bags as a man,which there are another prizes for him to selected.His answer was very symbol.He said :“Because my lover always want to have one bag ,so I chose this and wish good luck.And it’s going to the May 20th ,so I want to give her a big surprise.”
Maybe as for him,the need of lover is just his choose.However,he doesn’t say many sweet words and just by practicing.After that,I expressed my best wishes to him and hoped his lover will like this bag.
Mr.Wang who is a engineer.When I called him,he was busy working.And he just said he was busy now.But when he heard he got a prize he was silent and said “Are you cheater?I just invest one dollar. ”But when I showed his name,address and his number,he could trust me.I could also feel his excited mood.As the prize,he also selected a Longchamp leather bag.When he told his wife that she also didn’t believe it at the beginning.
When we had a long chat,I knew he was not a rich man.And his wife always carries her old bag .He was sorry for her.,And he always want to send a bag for his wife.So when he saw the prize may be cheap Longchamp bags so he also invested one dollar in the stock market.He said this prize was not carry his surprise,but also carrier a duty for his wife.

Longchamp Zippered Backpack The Longchamp bags had on its way.And our wishes will be delivered to their hands by the bags.I hope our prize can add more colorful happiness for their life.Of course,it doesn’t matter if you don’t gain a prize,you can also buy this bag in Longchamp sale online shop with fast shipping available.
More wonderful moment are waiting for you!

The must have item – Longchamp Le Pliage Sale Online Cheap

Not every Paris woman has Louis Vuitton’s Speedy 30,but the vast majority of Paris women must have a Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage!Female students used as a bag,the class of career women from the briefcase out of those who bought in the supermarket to buy groceries,the artist carrying it to install works…It colorful,simple style,and any accessories,Even the temperament of users can skillfully fuses in together.

In other words,Paris women is not surrendered to the brand,at least the Longchamp Le Pliage bag is exception.However,this is not based on the blind worship of the brand,the product itself to create potential and convenient benefits is the key!Whether is really like,is suitable for their needs, there is indeed,and whether they have enough economic ability,is the Paris women motivation behind the purchase.It’s not because of a celebrity referral, or because everyone has one, or bought to carry out can make their own expensive and get extra attention, It’s never in self-confidence Of the Paris woman’s mind stirred up any ripples.

Longchamp Le Pliage Heritage Tricolour
Longchamp Le Pliage Heritage Tricolour

Founded in 1948 LONGCHAMP has more than sixty years of history, which in the hundred years of branded France can only be regarded as a senior qualification. Longchamp Outlet the beginning is given priority to with manufacture pipe holster, and later gradually add other products, and the most popular item Longchamp LE PLIAGE for sale is designed come out in 1993. PLIAGE in French is the “folding” means, as the name of the product, the appropriate, but also to convey the product itself is simple and convenient features.

LONGCHAMP this French brand was founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain and was originally made to produce a holster on a pipe grip. Because Cassegrain love riding, so abandoned the French has always been to their own surname as the brand name model, directly to the western suburbs of Paris Bois de Boulogne racing field LONGCHAMP as the brand name, and then develop a variety of dyed leather small accessories.

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag
Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag

In the 1970s,Longchamp Outlet began to launch a series of bags,In 1980,Cassegrain’s eldest son Philippe Cassegrain inherited the family business,and in 1993 to design the best-selling Le Pliage series of folding bags.Today,Longchamp designers must submit 400 different designs each year,after the strict screening of Philippe Cassegrain,only 40 of them can be put into production.

LE PLIAGE constituent elements are very simple, leather handle and cover can matched with a variety of color nylon bag. According to the size of the bag body, style and the length of leather handle, Longchamp Sale between 42 to 96 euros. In addition to a few fixed-resistant and durable classic colors, each season will also launch a lot of bright special color. After experiencing the test of the market, the success of the sale of the new colors will be included in the classic series of continuous production, snubbed by the customer will be in the discount during the promotion of clearance sale. Whether it is zipper closure or no zipper open-style shopping bag shape, briefcase shape, shoulders backpack shape, when not in use can be folded up in the bag, need to use the time to open, you can also directly as a bag to bring street!

The secret production process of Longchamp Handbag

The secret production process of Longchamp Handbags
Visit the Longchamp Bag production base to learn about the brand’s classic bag Roseau Heritage production process.
Longchamp Outlet has six factories in France and has production bases in Tunisia, Mauritius,Romania,Morocco and Asia. Longchamp’s first factory Segre is located near Angers in France,which shows a clear position made by France, Under the premise of quality assurance,production chief David Burgel is not ashamed to admit that globalization of the factory.
Therefore,in the “equipment and materials are the same”premise,the brand decided to produce in other places:”We are here to train the leadership of the various factories .from Segre’s production the handbags must have the same quality from China production.
French craftsmanship
Was forced by the situation to setting up factories in other places.Longchamp is based on the French craft,so it still maintains the French factory.Segre base sets the production outline,that is establishes the processing assembly method,in order to convey the brand to other production centers in the world.In France,employees are aging,skilled worked are hard to find,even so,Longchamp still have their own training schools in order to follow up the change in the times.
The birth process of a Longchamp Bag:
1.Design templates and technical files
Under the led by creative director Sophie Delafontaine designs team per quarter design between 80 and 100 drawings.Then, they are transformed into the template,after selection and verification,set up the technical files that are used to calculate the cost of production.

The raw materials of each part of the bag must be electronically or manually cut.Leather comes from animals,is a living material ,each skin is different,so the cut itself is a delicate process.Worker must have a precise vision,in the assembly process to ensure the consistency of skin color.The raw materials of Roseau Heritage handbag is calf the east of France.Is a very expensive leather that needs to be treated with care.It is simply polished,that is almost no processing to maintain the natural beautiful appearance.

Longchamp is not a production line,David Burgel said.Assemble a bag,from point A to Point C,and then return to point B.Workers need to master the skills of different stages.Assembly team from 25 to 30 people.
The production process is trivial:suture, dyeing,collage,knocking(flattening with a wooden hammer to beat the corner of the bag),cutting(coordinating the thickness of the leather) to produce a Roseau Heritage bag that requires 120 to 130 steps,with 90minutes.Each step requires very high accuracy.otherwise the bag will become skewed.95% of worked are women,David Burgel said.In addition to logistics are men,assembling workers are women cause the applicants are women.
4.The order distribution
A team is responsible for directing the goods flow:according to the order destination for the bag to pick up the package.Every day ,30,000 to 40,000 handbags are shipped form the factory.
The brand of Longchamp data list
Brand was founded in 1948,started form the tobacco pouch,turn to produce wallet and men’s bag,today is the main production ladies bag.
Longchamp annual production of 7 million handbags.
The annual consumption of one million square meters of leather raw materials.
Segre factory is the largest factory in France,covers an area of 50,000 suqare meters.

The Cheap Longchamp bags can speak!

  Popular Longchamp bags,classical and all match styles,chic and generous models are all frequent in the street!However,the fashion circle never lack of attractive things.Look!recently,there is a relax and enjoyable fashion in the street that is cheap Longchamp bags they can speak!


As for a girl who enters the society,if she wants to look properly and decently,should she just use a dozens of cloth bag?Sorry,the story of meteor can’t play again,which is a idol drama.Your bags can tell all of us clearly:”I am just looking forward annual salary and I am pay attention to my job and I am just a Cinderella.”Don’t expect that there will be have a prince occur any more.

But if we have a famous brand bags is ok?It’s not.If you change the luxury often and carry them to work,it seems that you want to tell your boss:“I don’t need money and I just for joy with the job.”So,your boss will not trust and reuse.Thus,having practical Longchamp bags are so important that is practical and decent when you carry them.

 Having the friendly design is not only add its brillance but also speak every lday’s aspirations.So,recent years,the wind of fashion is never stop,which attracts many brands to join the young,funny and chic elements.It’s full of vibrant bags,is it left you unlimited review? Whoever see it are all like it.Having so many ideas and can speak is so capricious!


Now,here,I suggest the young girl who just enters society. The canvas of Longchamp has roomy capacity,light and have many colors to choose.And greatest deals at Longchamp sale with cheap price.I am sure these bags are so decent and proper that they will not suffer the tease of colleagues.Especially,there are the customized bags that you can decide your personal style and taste.Of course,you can choose the fresh or wind style.In fact,when a girl uses this bag that shows your attitude silently,especially when you are in the corporation,fashion circle and work with many females.Yeah,of course,if you meet your boss,the Longchamp bags can resolve your embarrassment to some degree.So,the bags are real a big lore!

Comparing with other bags,the Longchamp is a successful example.Their designers are all hope their hope and best wishes to fashion attitude.What’s more,all of the bags are for the people’s love.So why don’t you hurry up to buy one at Longchamp outlet store?

The Relationship Between Ladies and the Longchamp bags

Hey, gentlemen, do you know clearly what relationship between ladies and Longchamp bags?The answer maybe NO. Here I want to share a result to you. As per a result from a fashion magazine, what the ladies want to get as the gift from their boyfriend most is not other things, for example the things like rings and the roses, it is the Longchamp handbag. Does this news surprised you?Where can buy these Cheap Longchamp bags?Now,Longchamp Sale at affordable prices in Longchamp Outlet Online Store .

For men,perhaps you never understand the meaning of a bag. Also,the stories between Longchamp bags and women.


When saw these statistic from this magazine, the gentlemen may feel very confused why the ladies are so keen on the Longchamp handbags. In the gentlemen’ s eyes, the Longchamp handbag is just used as a kind of tool to pack the tiny things. Why the ladies will have so many handbags in different situations? Here what I want to tell the gentlemen is that Longchamp handbag is to ladies what computer games is to gentlemen. It’s a kind of way for ladies to pursue the fashion and it is also a way to show ladies’ taste. Every day, ladies will choose the proper Longchamp bags to suit their clothes, date and different situation. In the eyes’ of ladies, those who love the handbags will have a tendency to love the life and she will be elegant in life. When ladies carry the Longchamp bags, they will have a good mood during this day. So gentlemen, now you must know clearly about the Longchamp handbag’s importance to the ladies, right?Hurry up to buy one for your girlfriend or female friends in our Longchamp Outlet Online Store.TB2RwZjbXXXXXaDXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!155892539.jpg_728x728

For example,there is a twin sister between women and Longchamp bags.It’s a common phenomenon that women are fashion carrier ,and the Longchamp bags are their chic symbol.You often can see lots of exquisite bags under elegant back who like the cute elf.Maybe you will be dizzied by this phenomenon.Even though,time and tide wait for no men,there are still lots of fifty or sixty old women carry a Longchamp bag with them.The red,green and some other colors Cheap Longchamp bags. And some are bulging,another are wizened. Yes,in their arms,there are Longchamp Bags.

Above all, Longchamp handbag is of importance to the ladies. Fortunately, we have many kinds of Longchamp bags On Sale in our Longchamp outlet store with fantastic prices.If you are just looking for a right handbag for your friend or you just want to find a series of handbags for your end-customers. After you read this blog, please do not hesitate to contact me. And I will try my best to recommend the best handbag for your reference.