The material of Longchamp bags

Nowadays, there are more and more more bags in the Longchamp sale shop that you can choose. Because their utility are very huge for ladies. Of course,the material of bags are various. But in the wardrobe of ladies, they have different material bags to them in order to match their dress. So they can’t live without the bags. But the styles of Longchamp bags are different, sometimes you will make you dizzy. But when it comes its material, there are some materials. Do you want to know the bags’ materials?

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Firstly, you must pay attention to the bags’ materials when you purchase a bag in the Longchamp outlet store. Then you can look its style, of course, the novelty of the bags are usually cost much. As for the dermis bags, generally speaking, they are including cowhide,goatskin and some other dermis. These kinds of the bags are used in the classical bags. Do you know what the dermis are afraid of?

In fact,they are afraid of the wet and scratch. Because these behavior will make the bags more fragile and damage. So in the rainy days,you should keep it careful in the storage. We must prevent it from water and damp.It’s a common thing in the leather market of the word“dermis”. People often tell the nature leather with the dermis. In the opinion of consumers,the dermis are made from the skin of animals. There are many kinds of dermis, and their structures, price and quality are quite different. So the dermis are including the nature leather and the logo of some leathers.


material of Longchamp bags

Another,at the beginning, the artificial leather are used the substitute of the materials of leather. Usually, it’s made from the PVC to add plastic agent and some other additives on the cloth. The advantages are cheap price, rich color, various kinds. The leather of the PC is a kind of artificial material, it’s durable and have the texture when you touch it. Comparing with the leather of PVC, it’s more softer than it. From the structure of chemical,it’s almost equal to the leather material. It is not easy to fragile and become very tough. Additional, its price are more cheaper than common leather. So it’s more and more popular for some consumers.

When it comes to the cloth texture bags. Maybe it’s not as the leather bags, but it changes time to time. Recently, the cotton, silk satin, denim cloth and some other materials are more popular with young ladies. Though the cloth bags are made of cloth, they are not suitable for washing by water. Whatever the dust or sewage, it’s easy to attach the cloth because it’s made of fabric. And the nylon bag, it’s always the hottest material compare with some other material bags. Because it’s more ingenious and toughness. What’s more, it has the function of waterproof because of the special deal. So you can use these kinds of the bags for long time. But you should pay attention to leather material which have some decorations on it when you wash them.


In the modern society, there are many kinds of bags, nearly every lady has a fashionable bags for them. Of course, every coin has two sides just as the different materials of bags. So as a consumer, I suggest that you can buy the cheap Longchamp bags that are made of the nylon and leather.

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