The Secret Production Process Of Longchamp Handbag

The secret Production Process Of Longchamp Handbag. Visit the Longchamp Bag production base to learn about the brand’s classic bag Roseau Heritage production process.

Longchamp Outlet has six factories in France and has production bases in Tunisia, Mauritius, Romania, Morocco and Asia. Longchamp’s first factory Segre is located near Angers in France, which shows a clear position made by France, Under the premise of quality assurance, production chief David Burgel is not ashamed to admit that globalization of the factory.

Therefore,in the “equipment and materials are the same”premise,the brand decided to produce in other places:” We are here to train the leadership of the various factories. from Segre’s production the handbags must have the same quality from China production.

French craftsmanship

Was forced by the situation to setting up factories in other places. Longchamp is based on the French craft. So it still maintains the French factory. Segre base sets the production outline, that is establishes the processing assembly method, in order to convey the brand to other production centers in the world. In France, employees are aging, skilled worked are hard to find, even so, Longchamp still have their own training schools in order to follow up the change in the times.

The birth process of a cheap Longchamp Bag

1.Design templates and technical files
Under the led by creative director Sophie Delafontaine designs team per quarter design between 80 and 100 drawings. Then, they are transformed into the template, after selection and verification, set up the technical files that are used to calculate the cost of production.

Production Process Of Longchamp Handbag

The raw materials of each part of the bag must be electronically or manually cut. Leather comes from animals, is a living material, each skin is different,so the cut itself is a delicate process. Worker must have a precise vision, in the assembly process to ensure the consistency of skin color. The raw materials of Roseau Heritage handbag is calf the east of France. Is a very expensive leather that needs to be treated with care. It is simply polished,that is almost no processing to maintain the natural beautiful appearance.

Production Process Of Longchamp Handbag

Longchamp is not a production line, David Burgel said.Assemble a bag, from point A to Point C. And then return to point B.Workers need to master the skills of different stages. Assembly team from 25 to 30 people.

The production process is trivial:suture, dyeing, collage, knocking(flattening with a wooden hammer to beat the corner of the bag), cutting(coordinating the thickness of the leather) to produce a Roseau Heritage bag that requires 120 to 130 steps, with 90minutes. Each step requires very high accuracy. Otherwise the bag will become skewed.95% of worked are women, David Burgel said. In addition to logistics are men, assembling workers are women cause the applicants are women.

4.The order distribution
A team is responsible for directing the goods flow: according to the order destination for the bag to pick up the package. Shipped from the factory over 30000 to 40000 handbags Every day.

The brand of Longchamp data list

Brand was founded in 1948, started form the tobacco pouch, turn to produce wallet and men’s bag. Today is the main Production Process Of Longchamp Handbag.
Longchamp annual production of 7 million handbags.
The annual consumption of one million square meters of leather raw materials.
Segre factory is the largest factory in France,covers an area of 50,000 suqare meters.