Help you to wash the Longchamp quickly

Some ladies have the cheap Longchamp bags,but they don’t know how to wash way of the Longchamp bag. So,there is a headache problem about how to wash it.In fact,,they will not wash it. What’s more,they just throw it until they use the bags too long. Today let me tell you some methods of how to wash the bags.And there are two ways to wash it following.

For the first method, we can clean the discount Lonngchamp  bags by our hands. Maybe you will ask washing by hands? Oh,it’s so easy! But wait a minute, listening to me carefully, it’s a big knowledge. The first step, you should apply the Longchamp colorless clean milk on the surface of cortex. The most important is that you should apply every parts of the leather bags, or some other colorless leather clean milk.

The second step,you can use the soap and water to clean the canvas. By using the soft cloth or brush to dip the warm water and neutral soap is a good way to clean the canvas. But you should remember to take out all kinds of the stuffs of your bags. Third step, you should dry bags. After cleaning the bag, you need hang up the bags and keep it upright in order the sunshine can dry it quickly. Finally step, applying the waterproof agent is important to protect the leather. You must pour a few waterproof agent into the cloth and wipe the leather gently by drawing a small circle. It is to prevent the water permeate the leather.


For the second method, the wash way of the Longchamp bag is using the washing machine. But you should note the details. First step,you should also take out all of the things in your handbag. (This step is to prevent some other clothes will be dye your bags.) The second step,add some mild laundry detergent. But you had better not to use the ordinary laundry detergent or contain some fragrance. Third step,there is about 60 ml (1/4 cup )of the soap is OK. Finally,you should also dry it and apply the waterproof agent like the method of washing by hands.

If your bags is just a little dirty, you can buy wet tissue to wipe it. But your Longchamp Outlet bags is too dirty, you should do like that I’m saying above. The four angles of the Longchamp bags should hang up the ventilated place to dry. You should be careful when you clean the bags and the leather parts ,especially your leather of bag is a little damage. I suggest that washing by hands and machine is a safe way. But you should also wash them carefully,too.