Rainie Yang’s Hermes bags

Rainie Yang has been sharing her daily outfits on social platforms from time to time in recent years. Naturally, every single item on her body has become the focus of everyone’s discussion! He was successfully praised as a “fashion leader” by many netizens, and even Rainie Yang privately called herself a complete “handbag control”, whether it was a recent hot brand handbag or a classic hot-selling style, everything! The following is an inventory of the famous Rainie Yang’s Hermes bags and collection styles that Rainie Yang loves!

Rainie Yang's Hermes bags

As a hot brand in recent years, how can we not mention LOEWE from Spain! Rainie Yang also has a soft spot for this brand. She has many popular styles in the brand, such as puzzle bag, gate bag, etc. It is also a handbag style that will appear every time you wear casual clothes. Rainie Yang is even more sweet on IG, showing off Hermès from Mr. Li Ronghao!

CHANEL is definitely a brand that every girl can’t resist

Just by looking at the handbags displayed by Rainie Yang on social platforms, there are already nearly 10 different styles of handbags. Rainie Yang also revealed to netizens that some of the styles are birthday gifts, so that many netizens dare not guess that some handbags may be. From Li Ronghao, it can be seen that the relationship between the two is quite sweet!

Since it is called “handbag control”, how can it lack the classic box of the minimalist brand CELINE! Its versatility is definitely not lost to LOEWE!

Rainie Yang also owns a lot of handbags from LV, most of which tend to be small in style, and the shape is quite casual. And it is even more unique when paired with denim items! Even the popular Multi Pochette Accessoires Rainie Yang is in the gods, it can be seen that the fashion leader of the new generation is really unique!

Cheap Hermès handbag may be the dream of some girls.

Many of Hermès’ entry-level handbags are also very popular. You don’t need to accumulate a certain amount of consumption / distribute goods by luck. You can also buy them on websites or stores in various countries! Such as the popular Evelyne III Bag, Garden Party Bag, Herbag and Picotin Lock bag. This time, I will introduce to you the low-key and practical Garden Party handbag. I believe it will be your best entry choice.

Girls who like large bags such as CHANEL shopping bag/DIOR tote bag may wish to consider Hermès’ exquisite and classic Garden Party Bag. The material is full leather/canvas with leather handle, made with the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, durable and not easy to wear.

The handbag integrates sports and leisure elements, and has a large capacity, so that girls can also take it out for use in daily life/travel, and it is highly practical. There are metal buttons at the opening and side of the handbag, and the width of the side can be increased or decreased by yourself. The handle is curved and the bottom is embellished with leather, making the overall shape of the bag more elegant.

Beige, white, black, orange and blue are common Garden Party Bag colors, and two-color and three-color versions are also available. Inside the bag there is a large main compartment and a zippered compartment.

Hermès Bag sale

Common sizes are Garden Party 30, Garden Party 36. There is also a larger Garden Party 49 voyage bag that can be used as a travel bag.

The second-hand price of Hermès Bag sale is about 10,000 to 30,000 Hong Kong dollars, depending on the use/maintenance, color and style of the handbag. Vestiaire Collective, a well-known used brand website, also has many second-hand Garden Party handbags. All of which have been authenticated by professional verifiers with experience in auction houses.