Introduction to Prada and Replica Prada Bag

Prada offers women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, eyewear and fragrances, as well as tailor-made services. As of 2021, Prada’s official website shows that Prada has: jewelry, clothing accessories, perfume, watches, high heels, sunglasses, handbags and other products. Today we will introduce the Introduction to Prada and Replica Prada Bag, such as the material and design concept of replica Prada bags.

Introduction to Prada and Replica Prada Bag

Brand History

Prada (PRADA) is an Italian luxury brand, founded by Mario Prada in Milan, Italy in 1913. Miuccia Prada’s unique gift lies in her relentless pursuit of new ideas, combining intellectual curiosity and cultural interest to blaze a trail of pioneers. She can not only predict fashion trends, but also lead fashion trends.

In 1978, Miuccia Prada began to take the lead in the design of Prada. In 1989, she held her first women’s wear release, which immediately caused a sensation once it was launched. Afterwards, the men’s and women’s wear designed by Miuccia and the Miu Miu series are released twice a year, which has become a grand event not to be missed by fashion people around the world.

In December 2018, the 2018 (fifteenth) “Top 500 World Brands” list exclusively compiled by the World Brand Lab was announced in New York, USA, and Prada ranked 191st. In October 2019, the Top 100 Global Brands released by Interbrand Ranked 100.

Brand Logo Culture

PRADA’s clothing, except for the uppercase PRADA on the cloth label, hardly has any obvious identification marks, only the leather goods have obvious identification marks.

PRADA: Occasionally, it will be slightly imprinted on the surface of the bag by means of hot pressing.

Inverted triangular iron logo: This only appears on the products of the PRADA bag series on the fake Prada outlet, and it is almost the first impression of the iron logo. In addition to PRADA, there will be a line of MILANO below it indicating its “Birthplace of the Brand” and the year the brand was founded in 1913, and if one word is missing, it is not PRADA.


[Nylon] Genuine Prada’s nylon is made of parachute material. This material is heat-resistant, thick, crisp and tough. The surface of the material is not very reflective, and twill lines can be seen under a magnifying glass. The fake Prada is made of ordinary chemical fibers, which are either too light and thin and have no texture, or are too thick and too hard to feel. The surface of the material is either very smooth or extremely dull, and dots can be seen under a magnifying glass. pattern.

[Leather] Genuine Prada is made of cowhide, sheepskin and even crocodile leather, all of which have obvious leather texture and unique leather smell. The cortex of fake Prada is harder and has less striae.

[Zipper] The metal zipper of genuine Prada is heavy. The fake Prada zipper is very light.

[Origin] There are many kinds of authentic prada origins, and the ones from Italy are the best. Others include China and Vietnam.

[Strap] The nylon strap of genuine Prada is very elastic, the nylon surface is not easy to pilling, and there are twill on the strap. The straps of the fake Prada are very thin, there is no elasticity. And there is no twill on the straps.

Design Concept

When the luxurious and luxurious decoration in the spring and summer of the coming season is coming again. Prada’s design style has suddenly undergone a 180-degree change-reverting to a simple and comfortable style. Since the late 1970s, after Miuccia took over Prada, he also began to add a little clothing design. Until the end of the 1980s, Prada was still an Italian brand specializing in leather goods in everyone’s minds. However, in the “advocating minimalism” style in the 1990s, the simple and calm design style that Miuccia is good at has become the mainstream of clothing. Therefore, the clothing designed by Prada, who often uses “uniforms” as inspiration. It has become minimalist fashion. One of the representative symbols of

Many designers from different cities around the world are fans of Prada leather goods. Donna Karen in New York also carries Prada bags of the black nylon fabric series. In the past two years, Prada has also vigorously developed some popular styles of leather bags. Such as small shopping bags, colorful colors, and easy-to-maintain canvas materials. Detonated another wave of bag popularity. In the shoe series, although Prada has always been in harmony with Xinzhuang’s design and echoes each other. The bags’ styles are all leading pointers for footwear popularity. For example, square lasts, wedge-shaped heels and metallic doll shoes… are all trends brought about by Prada. From leather goods, clothing to shoes and underwear, Prada has become a complete boutique kingdom. And its territory has also expanded to the whole world.


In short, Prada handbags have many advantages. Such as high-quality materials, unique design, excellent craftsmanship, practical functions, brand value and reputation. Choosing Prada handbags means choosing high quality, fashion and luxury. It allows consumers to show confidence and individuality in their daily lives.

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