Who is the real owner of cheap Longchamp bags

Who is the real owner of cheap Longchamp bags

It was the weekend, the sun was shining, the bees were dancing in the flowers, the birds were singing in the branches. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery.
“You all right?” My sister’s voice broke my eyes. “I’m all right!” I answered randomly. “Let’s go to Dong Mia Park.” I pointed to the direction of the park. In a few minutes, we come to the fairy tale world of Dong Mia Park, which is full of lights and excitement.

Longchamp Roseau Croco Tote bag
Longchamp Roseau Croco Tote bag

We finally arrived at the long-expected park, and my sister and I were strolling idly. Suddenly, the elder sister shouted: “whose Longchamp bag!” I looked, sure enough, in front of us lay a black Longchamp tote bag, my sister stepped forward and picked up.

“Whose bag?” My sister’s voice shouted like a lion and almost deafened me. The voice just fell, the crowd of the crowd suddenly appeared “two of the owners” and the chorus said: “it is my cheap Longchamp bag”. Who is really? Who is false? My sister didn’t know what to do. I snatched the Longchamp bag from my sister, stole a glance at the Longchamp bag’s belongings, and a wise man’s plan flashed through my mind. I smiled and said to the two “loser”: “who among you is too careless, this bag has 1000 dollar of cash? I accidentally lost it.” My voice just fell, a “the owner” grabbed to say: “rightness, I yesterday just send salary.” “No, it’s the money I’m going to give my mother!” Another “loser” is also busy cutting in, saying what’s called “the reason.”

Longchamp Roseau Crossbody bag
Longchamp Roseau Crossbody bag

Laugh after I listen to, watch our people don’t know what I was laughing, I said to the two “owner”, “you are not the owner, the bag only ten dollar of money, you are fake owner.” Before I could finish my sentence, two “owners” fled in the crowd.

Before long, the real loser — a junior high school student who took Longchamp the bag.

Afterwards, my sister praised me for being smart. I was excited and said, “of course, I’m smart.”

My sister and I held our hands together, gradually disappearing into the crowd.

Integrity is the brightest beacon, integrity is the most beautiful flowers. Integrity is the most flawless pearl. But without integrity, everything is empty.

So be honest, not your own things, you can’t be said to be your own.

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Is it worth buying a Longchamp bag?

Is it worth buying a Longchamp bag?

As for me,maybe the Longchamp bags are people’s first choice!They have the suitable price and all match model and durable quality.You can use this brand forever.When you go to school or work,these cheap Longchamp bags can always follow you!Of course,if you are a mom who has your baby,you can also use this!The time can turn out that you deserve it!Following,let’s talk about this topic deeply!

cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir crossbody bag black friday sale

To be honest,Women love bags as when they were born. No matter how many bags they have, they always feel like they lack one.Sometimes,when they see the window or other beauty back beautiful bag from the heart.So,many people will try their best to buy the cheap Longchamp Bags the bags as soon as possible and find great deal on these product.

However,as a common commuters crowded subway, or carrying a bag is more affordable and durable understated.It won’t let his female boss back pack how much better than her.So,I always buy the right bags and never buy the too expensive.Thus,the Longchamp handbags are certainly in line with my bag anticipated and actual demand.

Firstly:I am a buyer from friends buy factory original single bags.At the beginning, I do not hold very satisfied with the attitude.After all, there are too many fakes in the market.However,when I get the bags,I was very happy.Following,I plan to buy another long black satchel!

Longchamp Op'Art Top-Handle M handbags black friday 2017 sale

First of all,the Longchamp tote small capacity have large enough for me, a plug for winter sleeping baby after a lot of available space.In addition to this,you c an find its texture are also very good.And the inner zipper design is also very simple.You can find your personal things very convenient,such as girls, lipstick, mobile phones and so on.In short,I will buy these bags in bags in Longchamp outlet store with top quality again!

Secondly:I just bought the bags in the Spring Festival around in Times Square before going home, all of a sudden the red rose attracted the eyeball.OK,I like this color very much.Besides,this,I like its repellent and cheap price.As a matter of fact,the 1seller also introduced many colors for me to choose,they are including black,purple and so on.But I still was attracted to rose one, and finally chose the rose.The whole skin is not considered, because it looks too ordinary and not dirty!

As a matter of fact,I thought that bags were ugly.But I just followed the trend or bought, the more like the back, the main discovery of so many pockets, which was good convenience.The feature of this bag is that it’s full of things and doesn’t carry things.

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